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Get your dancing shoes on!

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In anticipation for New Years Eve, I felt it was necessary to post a video of how I prepare for a big night of dancing.  The link is a video of me a few years ago working on my dance moves… It’s obviously not me but we are about the same skill level.  Anyway, my rant today is going to be about dance dance revolution and how that really set the stage for these awful dance video games.

Just Dance 3 Cover

What a dumb game

Seriously who would pay 40 bucks for a game about learning how to dance?  Ok fine I admit it.  I was one of those kids who  bought Dance Dance revolution when it first came out.  I had 2 mats and everything for the 360.  Something more pathetic is my college roommate (Shout out Tres Tres) and I thought it was a good idea to have a game that everyone could play.  By everyone I am obviously referring to our female neighbors.  Yup, that was what we did as a pregame.  Two high profile college athletes playing dance dance revolution while drinking beers Saturday night.  Damn we were cool.

Not to our surprise, the game became a hit.  The girls loved playing and we were learning how to dance.  Win Win.  Eventually the girls were not invited anymore because they were beating our ass and thought it was funny that we sucked.  “Oh you think our lack of coordination is funny?… Get out.”

The only reason I am writing negative stuff about dance dance revolution and Just Dance  3 or any other dance game is because it is not a game you can play live and not on my site.  Therefore, I don’t care.  Anyway, there’s a little under 10 hours left this year and I needed to mentally prepare for an amazing night.  Enjoy the holiday. No guarantees I will post tomorrow, for obvious reasons… Sunday :).


PhotoShop Genius

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NBA 2k, Words With Friends, Starcraft 2, Modern Warfare 3, Fifa, Gears of War, Madden, Counter Stripe

One of's images

I don’t mean to brag…. but look at that creativity from our Design team.  Crop a few images, change opacity a bit, and insert brilliantly colored white text.  With this kind of skill we are able to edit any girl’s picture.  Make a few changes to the coloring, enhance a few specific features, reduce some (if necessary) and the end result… a picture without red eyes.  Absolutely brilliant. 

In all seriousness, these are a few of the games that will be on our website.  One of GamerPeer’s goals is to unite the stereotypical action gamer with the up and coming casual gamer.  We have over 40 games on the site and will constantly be adding new ones.  If there are any games, action or casual, you think we need to have on the site, let us know.  You can post on our facebook wall or email me directly at

Triple Word Score! Creep

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Words with Friend
Double Word Points and a Question Mark. 

I don’t know how they did it, but Facebook revolutionized the way guys creep and recently added two more ways, Words With Friends and Hanging with Friends. Zuckerberg is obviously a genius and I will have to thank him next time I see him… Which by my calculations and anyone else with a calculator, will be my first.

The reason Zuckerberg is a genius is because words with friends and hanging with friends is just an easy way for guys to engage in a conversation and try to use big words. For example, a friend of mine hasn’t spoken to this girl in about 5 years. Let me repeat so no one forgets. He hasn’t spoken to this girl in over 5 YEARS! Instead of saying hi or writing on her Facebook wall, he thinks it is not only wise but smooth to challenge her to Words With Friends. Hope he has the first turn and the letters h o w r y o u. What would be pretty bad ass is if he can have Zuckerberg give him a special access to a question mark. Drinks?… Triple letter on the ? mark see you Friday night. BOOM!

The thing that caught me off guard with this whole new method of flirting is that no chick turns down a game of words with friends. It is a fact. However, the embarrassing this for us guys is that the girls don’t really care about the outcome. They can be doing their nails, watching tv, or putting on makeup while us guys are sitting in front of a computer using We get all excited when play “qu” but have no idea what the word means.  Anyway thanks Zuckerberg, I will definitely be trying this technique tonight.

Test Test this is a Test

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Calm down you WWF fanatics who think I am talking about the former wrestler from 20 years ago. Although I am very tempted to post a picture of his ring hostess, Trish Stratus…  Because I am trying to keep this blog as clean as possible I will not be posting those types of pics… (Click her link ;))   The test I am referring to is the long and tedious project of testing the website, for bugs.  It has now been about 2 weeks of testing and we are still finding silly coding errors on the site.  It has come to the point where I can navigate through the site with my eyes closed.  How embarassing is that?  Regardless, the team has been busy working and are pleased to announce that we finally go live with beta testers next week.  Well I can’t guarantee it will be next week, but we are making progress and things are looking up.

With that being said if you are interested in being a beta tester for the site, or want to know a little more about what we plan to  introduce to the gaming community, check out our facebook page.  If that is to difficult for you lazy people then email me at or

I am contemplating on what my post will be tonight.  I am leaning towards writing about the 100mile bike race I am currently training for or how miserable it is having not 1 but 2 broken Xbox 360′s.  I’ll decide after happy hour.

Professional Female Athlete or Professional Gamer???

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Tobin Heath

Professional Athlete or Professional Gamer?

Over this Holiday season I was able to spend some time with with one of my oldest friends, Tobin Heath.  For those of you who do not follow Women’s soccer, or were not effected by this Summer’s Women’s World Cup Soccer craze, she was a member of the Women’s National team that finished second overall.  In addition to second overall in the World Cup, Tobin adds three collegiate National Championship’s and a Gold Medal to her soccer resume.  Right now some of you might be thinking, “Yeah thats great, but what does this have to do with gaming?  You can’t win team deathmatch in Halo with your feet Jack.”  Thanks for pointing out the obvious.


Returning to my story, this Holiday season was a lot of fun, until she beat my ass in ping pong.  In all fairness, I will argue that our match was unfair because I hadn’t played in years, I was playing with my weak hand, the lighting was bad on my side, and I was holding three glasses of wine.  Whatever the reason for losing the match is irrelevant, the point is that I did not expect to lose multiple times and it brought an unpleasant memory involving video games that I tried to forget.

With that being said, it is safe to say that my favorite professional athlete is not only a ping pong ringer, but also a video game guru.  Many years ago, she thought it would be fun to challenge me to Halo.  I started laughing because there was no way a girl could beat me in my favorite video game.  Let’s be realistic, I was a 14 year old guy with no job, probably didn’t have a girlfriend, and all jacked up on mountain dew or something stupid like that.  So we started playing 1 v 1 and before I knew it, time was almost up and I was losing.  WTF!  I had to go kamikaze mode to try and tie the game… I lost.  It was now war.  “Pick up your sticks big head, we are going best out of three.”  To make a short story shorter, I lost, got pissed, and left.

If any of my female gamer fans read this please don’t get offended when I kick you from the blog.  Just kidding, but you should thank Tobin for revolutionizing my opinion of female gamers at an early age.  As for ping pong… I think I will stick to beruit.

Modern Warfare 3… No, I do not want to play.

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When you know you play to many video games
This is what I feel like after spending hours playing games for

So today a friend of mine told me that he finally got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 360, and asked if I wanted to play tonight or this week. My answer, was simple and to the point… “No.” After my brilliant answer he thought I was kidding because I love playing Call of Duty, especially instead of doing work. He continued by saying, “Why not? Your always down to game.”

I am not sure what it was, but at that moment I had a million answers running through my head. The scary thing was none of them had anything to do with wanting to play another game such as Battlefield 3, Fifa 12, or Star Wars The Old Republic, he just sucked and would bring my Kill to Death Ratio down. Not only would my Kill to Death Ratio collapse, but my win percentage would follow. On top of all that, he doesn’t know how to defend bases in Domination and would basically mess my shit up. Seriously bro my 15 year old sister would stealth and knife you from behind. I have already prestiged 2 times and am to important of a player to babysit while you learn how to camp.

My response… “I’m tired and have a lot of work to do tonight, maybe we can play tomorrow.” @TrueFriendsDontSuckAtVideoGames. On a side note, If anyone with a Kill to Death Ratio above 1.5 wants to game email me at (Kidding! but not really)

Look for another post later tonight on my favorite female athlete, who is a closet Gamer!

The disadvantages of outsourcing

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So it is now 1:30 am EST and I have been skyping with our overseas development team for the last two hours.  Normally 1:30 isn’t that late, but we are now having 7 AM calls to finalize last minute changes to the website prior to launching our open beta.  It is definitely true that the last minute edits and finalizing design functionality is the hardest part of creating a website.  It is actually kind of crazy that a few years ago when I was still in College, 1:30 in the morning would be an early night to go to bed.  There were nights when we used to play Fifa, Call of Duty, and old school Super Smash 64 until 4 o’clock in the morning… Of course we modified our class schedule to make sure we didn’t have class until atleast 10 am, but that is besides the point.  More to come about and my transition to the tech world.