Modern Warfare 3… No, I do not want to play.

When you know you play to many video games
This is what I feel like after spending hours playing games for

So today a friend of mine told me that he finally got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 360, and asked if I wanted to play tonight or this week. My answer, was simple and to the point… “No.” After my brilliant answer he thought I was kidding because I love playing Call of Duty, especially instead of doing work. He continued by saying, “Why not? Your always down to game.”

I am not sure what it was, but at that moment I had a million answers running through my head. The scary thing was none of them had anything to do with wanting to play another game such as Battlefield 3, Fifa 12, or Star Wars The Old Republic, he just sucked and would bring my Kill to Death Ratio down. Not only would my Kill to Death Ratio collapse, but my win percentage would follow. On top of all that, he doesn’t know how to defend bases in Domination and would basically mess my shit up. Seriously bro my 15 year old sister would stealth and knife you from behind. I have already prestiged 2 times and am to important of a player to babysit while you learn how to camp.

My response… “I’m tired and have a lot of work to do tonight, maybe we can play tomorrow.” @TrueFriendsDontSuckAtVideoGames. On a side note, If anyone with a Kill to Death Ratio above 1.5 wants to game email me at (Kidding! but not really)

Look for another post later tonight on my favorite female athlete, who is a closet Gamer!


One Response to “Modern Warfare 3… No, I do not want to play.”

  1. Hahaha you wanna boost them stats, hit me up buddy

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