Professional Female Athlete or Professional Gamer???

Tobin Heath

Professional Athlete or Professional Gamer?

Over this Holiday season I was able to spend some time with with one of my oldest friends, Tobin Heath.  For those of you who do not follow Women’s soccer, or were not effected by this Summer’s Women’s World Cup Soccer craze, she was a member of the Women’s National team that finished second overall.  In addition to second overall in the World Cup, Tobin adds three collegiate National Championship’s and a Gold Medal to her soccer resume.  Right now some of you might be thinking, “Yeah thats great, but what does this have to do with gaming?  You can’t win team deathmatch in Halo with your feet Jack.”  Thanks for pointing out the obvious.


Returning to my story, this Holiday season was a lot of fun, until she beat my ass in ping pong.  In all fairness, I will argue that our match was unfair because I hadn’t played in years, I was playing with my weak hand, the lighting was bad on my side, and I was holding three glasses of wine.  Whatever the reason for losing the match is irrelevant, the point is that I did not expect to lose multiple times and it brought an unpleasant memory involving video games that I tried to forget.

With that being said, it is safe to say that my favorite professional athlete is not only a ping pong ringer, but also a video game guru.  Many years ago, she thought it would be fun to challenge me to Halo.  I started laughing because there was no way a girl could beat me in my favorite video game.  Let’s be realistic, I was a 14 year old guy with no job, probably didn’t have a girlfriend, and all jacked up on mountain dew or something stupid like that.  So we started playing 1 v 1 and before I knew it, time was almost up and I was losing.  WTF!  I had to go kamikaze mode to try and tie the game… I lost.  It was now war.  “Pick up your sticks big head, we are going best out of three.”  To make a short story shorter, I lost, got pissed, and left.

If any of my female gamer fans read this please don’t get offended when I kick you from the blog.  Just kidding, but you should thank Tobin for revolutionizing my opinion of female gamers at an early age.  As for ping pong… I think I will stick to beruit.


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