The disadvantages of outsourcing

So it is now 1:30 am EST and I have been skyping with our overseas development team for the last two hours.  Normally 1:30 isn’t that late, but we are now having 7 AM calls to finalize last minute changes to the website prior to launching our open beta.  It is definitely true that the last minute edits and finalizing design functionality is the hardest part of creating a website.  It is actually kind of crazy that a few years ago when I was still in College, 1:30 in the morning would be an early night to go to bed.  There were nights when we used to play Fifa, Call of Duty, and old school Super Smash 64 until 4 o’clock in the morning… Of course we modified our class schedule to make sure we didn’t have class until atleast 10 am, but that is besides the point.  More to come about and my transition to the tech world.


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