Test Test this is a Test

Calm down you WWF fanatics who think I am talking about the former wrestler from 20 years ago. Although I am very tempted to post a picture of his ring hostess, Trish Stratus…  Because I am trying to keep this blog as clean as possible I will not be posting those types of pics… (Click her link ;))   The test I am referring to is the long and tedious project of testing the website, www.gamerpeer.com for bugs.  It has now been about 2 weeks of testing and we are still finding silly coding errors on the site.  It has come to the point where I can navigate through the site with my eyes closed.  How embarassing is that?  Regardless, the team has been busy working and are pleased to announce that we finally go live with beta testers next week.  Well I can’t guarantee it will be next week, but we are making progress and things are looking up.

With that being said if you are interested in being a beta tester for the site, or want to know a little more about what we plan to  introduce to the gaming community, check out our facebook page.  If that is to difficult for you lazy people then email me at Thejackofalltrades10@gmail.com or Support@gamerpeer.com.

I am contemplating on what my post will be tonight.  I am leaning towards writing about the 100mile bike race I am currently training for or how miserable it is having not 1 but 2 broken Xbox 360′s.  I’ll decide after happy hour.


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