Triple Word Score! Creep

Words with Friend
Double Word Points and a Question Mark. 

I don’t know how they did it, but Facebook revolutionized the way guys creep and recently added two more ways, Words With Friends and Hanging with Friends. Zuckerberg is obviously a genius and I will have to thank him next time I see him… Which by my calculations and anyone else with a calculator, will be my first.

The reason Zuckerberg is a genius is because words with friends and hanging with friends is just an easy way for guys to engage in a conversation and try to use big words. For example, a friend of mine hasn’t spoken to this girl in about 5 years. Let me repeat so no one forgets. He hasn’t spoken to this girl in over 5 YEARS! Instead of saying hi or writing on her Facebook wall, he thinks it is not only wise but smooth to challenge her to Words With Friends. Hope he has the first turn and the letters h o w r y o u. What would be pretty bad ass is if he can have Zuckerberg give him a special access to a question mark. Drinks?… Triple letter on the ? mark see you Friday night. BOOM!

The thing that caught me off guard with this whole new method of flirting is that no chick turns down a game of words with friends. It is a fact. However, the embarrassing this for us guys is that the girls don’t really care about the outcome. They can be doing their nails, watching tv, or putting on makeup while us guys are sitting in front of a computer using We get all excited when play “qu” but have no idea what the word means.  Anyway thanks Zuckerberg, I will definitely be trying this technique tonight.


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