Get your dancing shoes on!

In anticipation for New Years Eve, I felt it was necessary to post a video of how I prepare for a big night of dancing.  The link is a video of me a few years ago working on my dance moves… It’s obviously not me but we are about the same skill level.  Anyway, my rant today is going to be about dance dance revolution and how that really set the stage for these awful dance video games.

Just Dance 3 Cover

What a dumb game

Seriously who would pay 40 bucks for a game about learning how to dance?  Ok fine I admit it.  I was one of those kids who  bought Dance Dance revolution when it first came out.  I had 2 mats and everything for the 360.  Something more pathetic is my college roommate (Shout out Tres Tres) and I thought it was a good idea to have a game that everyone could play.  By everyone I am obviously referring to our female neighbors.  Yup, that was what we did as a pregame.  Two high profile college athletes playing dance dance revolution while drinking beers Saturday night.  Damn we were cool.

Not to our surprise, the game became a hit.  The girls loved playing and we were learning how to dance.  Win Win.  Eventually the girls were not invited anymore because they were beating our ass and thought it was funny that we sucked.  “Oh you think our lack of coordination is funny?… Get out.”

The only reason I am writing negative stuff about dance dance revolution and Just Dance  3 or any other dance game is because it is not a game you can play live and not on my site.  Therefore, I don’t care.  Anyway, there’s a little under 10 hours left this year and I needed to mentally prepare for an amazing night.  Enjoy the holiday. No guarantees I will post tomorrow, for obvious reasons… Sunday :).


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