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Cash prize competition? Go on…

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So has been live for almost 3 weeks now.  Our first week we tried a bootstrap marketing campaign and posted on a few gaming forums.  After three days of doing this we had 1,400 users and amazing feedback on the site.  For the past two weeks we have done zero marketing or advertising and only gained an additional 92 users.  What does this all mean?  Well it means that we need to get off our ass and market to be successful.

Now I am sure some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, Jack you really are not only amazing and impressive, but you can seduce, err deduce conclusions like a first grader.”  Ok that doesn’t make any sense but deduce was my word of the day and had to use it in a sentence so lay off…

Anyway, in regards to marketing and, some of you might not give a rat’s butt (got scolded today for saying ass…)  but I would like to have a little competition.  This isn’t going to be a friendly ho hum competition where everyone holds hands and stares at rainbows.  Forget that!  This is an all out competitive marketing/idea competition that will reward the best campaign with 100$ and a shout out on  

NOTE: the competition winner will receive a cash GIFT that is unaffiliated with

Guidelines are as follows… if you have a marketing idea, email me at or reply here.  Your ideas are anonymous and should be fun, creative, and cheap.  We are targeting 18-35 year old men who play video games so if you think you have a good idea, let me know.


Although I am only doing this as a test, I look forward to see everyone’s response.  You are welcome to submit as many suggestions as you like.  I look forward to reading them all.




Sex, Love, and Hockey???

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With that stupid holiday called Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided it was time to write my first post about girls.  I wasn’t planning on writing one today but went to a hockey game and saw something absolutely hilarious.  It was not only funny, but it made me think about a few things.

photo.JPG (Yeah, that’s right the seats were amazing)

  So I am with a friend at the Rangers game and saw this young couple in front of us.  It was really cute, they looked like they were in love.   They were hugging, kissing, and basically all over each other… Let me start over.  I was at the Ranger’s game and this cute girl was all over the guy she was with.  When I say she was all over him, I mean PDA to the point where I almost got another beer and started watching the free show.  She was hugging and kissing him and at one point even began straddling him, lucky son of a…  After a few seconds I noticed he began to push her off because he couldn’t see the game.  Holy shit this kid is not a douche but a baller.  He literally pushed this girl off of him so he can watch the Rangers spank the Capitals.

 The 2nd period ended and they left for the intermission.  To make a long story short the girl came back with white glitter on her face and the PDA stopped during the 3rd period.  Some of you might be laughing and others are probably thinking I am an egotistical male POS.  Well truth be told there is a point and larger question at hand.

I will refrain from writing my opinion on the matter but will link an article that a friend sent me a while ago.  The article is titled, “Why successful guys should avoid exclusive girlfriends.”  Of course I do not agree with all of the points the author makes (or do I), but it definitely gets you thinking.

Check the article out and email me at if you want to discuss, or rip my head off if you are a female reader.

I am not sure what I will post about tomorrow.  I might post stats about and our first week of being live, or start my rant early on why Saint Valentine was a dick.


Happy Saturday you hungover punks!

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Hope all of you had a fantastic Friday night and ripped shots of Tequila (see above).  Because most of my reader base is totally awesome, I have to assume that each and every one of you feels like death and just woke up.  Raise your hand if you are jealous. Crazy kid should probably put his hand down until at least highschool.  Yes, I already know I am out of my mind and probably going to get in a lot of trouble for this post but it’s funny to me.

Anyway it is cold as shit in New York and I don’t feel like doing anything.  Normally I would be inside most of the day watching movies and playing video games, but when part of your job description is to play video games it can become a real drag.  I am obviously going to play but not because I want to but because I have to… How will I manage? @Toughlife.  The real question of the day is what type of food I should order.   I have narrowed it down to two restaurants, an Italian deli and trying Korean food.   The funny thing about the deli is it is literally a block away from me and I am still going to have them deliver.  Hooray for Saturday’s and being a lazy shit.  I am not sure about all of you, but for me ordering something new is like going to McDonalds.  Depending on the time of  day and your current mental state it can be amazing or make you want to kill yourself.  ie 6pm for dinner or 4 am ripped… hmm I wonder which tastes better.  To be honest I don’t even know what type of Korean food is good.  If you have any suggestions email me at  Better make it fast because I am hungry.  Enjoy your Saturday punks.


Its getting bigger!

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For all of you sickos who think I would stoop so low and post a comment like that… you are probably right.  However, this is actually referring to a few things; the first thing is the Giant’s ego.  We went on a rampage at the end of the year by not only spanking Green Bay, but punishing San Fran. *Notice I skipped over Atlanta because that was a joke.  The obvious highlight of the year and the icing on our egotistical cake was winning the Super Bowl and defeating the Patriots once again.   The only successful thing Boston has ever done was throw tea over a boat.  Truth be told, we probably could have done it better.

The second thing that is “getting bigger” is  We now have over 1300 users and have only been live for two days.  If you haven’t already checked it out then come take a look at the revolution of gaming.  That’s right; I said the revolution of gaming.  In addition to the growing community, we are constantly adding games to the site.  Currently we have about 55 games, and are looking to expand to 70 in the next couple of days.  If there is a game you want to see on the site let us know,

On a side note, TGIF, enjoy the weekend and put a few drinks back.

-Jack is finally Live!

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So we finally launched our site yesterday afternoon.  It has been up for 2 days and we already have about 200 users.  The feedback has been very positive and we really appreciate any and all comments.  I on the other hand have been responding to user feedback all night and am exhausted.  When I say all night I mean that it is now 3:50 am and I am currently adding new games to the website.  We currently have about 50 games on the site and will have about 60 by the end of the week.  Incase any of you haven’t gotten the memo, the site has a wide variety of games that includes, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Chess, Words with Friends, and Starcraft…  Basically any game that tickles your fancy (haha, sorry that made me laugh while I was typing) will be on the site.

Come check us out at and let me know what tickles your fancy… I am obviously referring to games you want to see on the site.