Its getting bigger!

For all of you sickos who think I would stoop so low and post a comment like that… you are probably right.  However, this is actually referring to a few things; the first thing is the Giant’s ego.  We went on a rampage at the end of the year by not only spanking Green Bay, but punishing San Fran. *Notice I skipped over Atlanta because that was a joke.  The obvious highlight of the year and the icing on our egotistical cake was winning the Super Bowl and defeating the Patriots once again.   The only successful thing Boston has ever done was throw tea over a boat.  Truth be told, we probably could have done it better.

The second thing that is “getting bigger” is  We now have over 1300 users and have only been live for two days.  If you haven’t already checked it out then come take a look at the revolution of gaming.  That’s right; I said the revolution of gaming.  In addition to the growing community, we are constantly adding games to the site.  Currently we have about 55 games, and are looking to expand to 70 in the next couple of days.  If there is a game you want to see on the site let us know,

On a side note, TGIF, enjoy the weekend and put a few drinks back.



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