Cash prize competition? Go on…

So has been live for almost 3 weeks now.  Our first week we tried a bootstrap marketing campaign and posted on a few gaming forums.  After three days of doing this we had 1,400 users and amazing feedback on the site.  For the past two weeks we have done zero marketing or advertising and only gained an additional 92 users.  What does this all mean?  Well it means that we need to get off our ass and market to be successful.

Now I am sure some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, Jack you really are not only amazing and impressive, but you can seduce, err deduce conclusions like a first grader.”  Ok that doesn’t make any sense but deduce was my word of the day and had to use it in a sentence so lay off…

Anyway, in regards to marketing and, some of you might not give a rat’s butt (got scolded today for saying ass…)  but I would like to have a little competition.  This isn’t going to be a friendly ho hum competition where everyone holds hands and stares at rainbows.  Forget that!  This is an all out competitive marketing/idea competition that will reward the best campaign with 100$ and a shout out on  

NOTE: the competition winner will receive a cash GIFT that is unaffiliated with

Guidelines are as follows… if you have a marketing idea, email me at or reply here.  Your ideas are anonymous and should be fun, creative, and cheap.  We are targeting 18-35 year old men who play video games so if you think you have a good idea, let me know.


Although I am only doing this as a test, I look forward to see everyone’s response.  You are welcome to submit as many suggestions as you like.  I look forward to reading them all.




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