Eharmony, Facebook, and GamerPeer oh my!

Ok before anyone sees this title and decides to break my juevos let me explain.  When I first joined the GamerPeer team 7 months ago, they were in the final stages of creating a mathematical algo that matches all of the gamers together and then clusters them. It was a good thing I joined at the end of that stage or else I would now be swimming down shit’s creek without a paddle.  Anyway 7 months ago I was told to check out the dating sites and use them as an example…  At that moment I traveled back in time to middle school.  I literally raised my hand and said, “Excuse me, you want me to spend working hours on dating sites to better understand the concept… You pay overtime?”  They didn’t find it funny but I chuckled on the inside and began my “”research.””

It wasn’t until about 2 hours ago that I realized I hadn’t checked one of my many emails in a while.  I signed in and boom- a list of match results, a bunch of smiles, a few giggles, and a whole lot of pictures.  Isn’t Eharmony so cute?

 *here is a screen shot of my Eharmony results*


It is cute, people actually send smiles on Eharmony. (I think I sent out 40 in the last hour)

Now the reason I find it necessary to write about my eharmony life is because it is hilarious and got me thinking about not only, but Facebook.  You might be thinking how the hell is facebook similar to and Eharmony.  Well, we have the social networking infrastructure, recommend games, friends/peer list, and also allow you to choose an image.  The one thing we are missing is a poke and send a smile feature. hmmm….. Am I missing something here?

(I probably should align and crop this but I am lazy)


How can a 50 Billion dollar company allow you to poke people.  Maybe Eharmony would be worth more if they allowed you to poke instead of send a smile.  Anyway here is a screen shot of GamerPeer’s similar peer list, search results, and some of the features you can do.


Maybe one day I will program a feature on the site that allows you to “kick” people.  Whoever “kicks” the most people in a 24 hour period will win a free game.  I don’t know, could be fun(ny).


Round 2 of our marketing campaign begins tonight so look for results tomorrow.





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