Quick Summary

Alright I’ve been MIA for a while and don’t really have a reasonable excuse except – St. Patty’s day killed me and I am sick of winter.  Maybe I am being a girl (excuse me ladies), but it hasn’t even been a bad winter.  Total snowfall = 12 inches, average temp = 40??  haha hooray Global Warming!


On a more constructive note, www.GamerPeer.com just got a booth at the Pax conference in Boston.  For those of you that do not know what that is, it is the largest video game conference on the East coast.

 How bad ass does that look?

So I will be heading to Boston April 5th and will leave be leaving the 8th.  I am very excited but also a little worried.  I wont go into details of why I will be worried but will leave you a short video clip for your viewing pleasure.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zWNJHS9PBE (Triumph)


On a side note… if you want updated immediate updates on GamerPeer.com follow me on @Gamerpeer.  I must warn you because it is the companies name/brand I am a little more filtered then I am on this blog.  Can you imagine not being able to say ass/shit/balls/ or anything like that?  Neither can I. Wish me luck!


Hope all of you enjoy your day.  I will be posting tomorrow about my first time playing soccer/working out in 5 weeks!  I wonder what the spread is for throwing up to goals ratio?  Last time I had a clear 3-3 ratio.  For every goal I vomited once immediately after.  Let me know your thoughts






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