Tell me I am not awesome!

So I was going through my PC and found a lot of old shit I created when I first joined the GamerPeer team.  This is a video that they did not like because of copyright issues.  To summarize – I made this flash video and can not endorse this as part of the project.  However, I think it is cool enough video and neat function on worth showing.  I really need to step my flash and anime game up a bit so over the next few weeks I will drastically improve and expand my ego even more.    

Anyway check out this flash video I made a few months ago and I dare you to try and tell me that this didn’t make your day.

Tomorrow I have an easy day so I will be talking about how Women’s National Soccer Team Stars, Alex Morgan  and Tobin Heath (check out former post tweeted about  Maybe I will include Christina Milian twitter response in tomorrow’s post, but who knows how I will be feeling tomorrow after a night out.  *Side  Note* If anyone has a good gift idea for the lovely ladies please let me know.  I am open to any and all suggestions.

I can go on and on about the recent and interesting stuff we have been doing – but that’s like finishing in 30 seconds… “Its a marathon not a sprint Jack…”  😉


One Response to “Tell me I am not awesome!”

  1. Shit – The damn AVI conversion messed up and the first part of the video looks awful and needs editing – deal with it for now.

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