Damn LoL Rage Quitters almost got me fired – again.

So I was playing LoL at the ass crack of dawn this morning, trying to raise my ELO.  I am still pretty new to LoL so had to solo que.  That means that I basically have to get lucky and hope I do not get placed on a team with nbes.  Well I am about 0-3 today.  Ok, let me rephrase… I was kicking ass but I had teammates who didn’t know how to play!  They rushed in, got killed, and gave opponents points – which means his good teammates, IE me, got bent over.

Normally, I do not care because playing LoL is what I do during my 7 am conference calls.  It is so much more entertaining then listening or thinking about work and boring business stuff.  Sorry team, it is not like you ever read my blog anyway.  So back to my point.  I am kicking ass and being totally awesome in my 3rd ELO when a teammate dies for the  5th straight time.  Let’s count 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 …5 times he died!  I am obviously pretty livid.  I need to get my rank up on the North American Server and then to top it off something else happened – he said we all suck and quit.

I flipped out.  “You stupid piece of bleeeeep…”  Then I heard it, the most beautiful sound in the World that almost made me shit my pants, “Jack!”  For you new people to my blog, that is my name, my beautiful, sweet, and innocent name.  It was at that moment that I realized I did not mute my skype conference call.  “Jack, how many times have we discussed this.  You need to stay focused during our business calls!  Maybe we should talk again after this call…”  Son of a bitch, this sucks.

Anyway after my little phone rant it reminded me of a new direct tv commercial with Charlie Sheen… “Don’t reenact scenes of platoon with Charlie Sheen.” If you haven’t seen this commercial then check it out.  Funny as shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2ZYIdmdx14.  But this commercial got me thinking.  Not only did it make me laugh, but it reinforced the idea of why GamerPeer.com was founded.  We were sick of rage quitters, griefers, and getting matched with gamers who were nothing like us.  If you haven’t checked us out yet come join our growing gaming community and find players you want to play with for your kind of game.

To summarize:

When you don’t have peers or friends you solo que

when you solo que you get rage quitters on your team

when you get rage quitters on your team you curse

when you curse you almost lose your job

when you lose your job you don’t have free time to play LoL

Keep your job and play LoL – use GamerPeer.com


7 Responses to “Damn LoL Rage Quitters almost got me fired – again.”

  1. Let me know if you’d like to hit up a game sometime (assuming you’re on the NA server). If nothing else, at least it’s not solo queue.

    Also, glad you enjoyed the Lulu post!

    • Thank you for the response. I will love to play LoL sometime. I am on the NA server and need to get my stats up haha.

      I loved the Lulu post. I actually haven’t played as her yet – I have been extremely busy working and beating ass with Ziggs. I think the great Shakespeare said… “When you have something good, dont fuck it up?” :).

      I have been using the Looking for Games feature on my site (www.GamerPeer.com) in hopes of finding better gamers. So far it has been succesful. You might want to check it out.

      Pleasure meeting you. I can’t wait to read your future posts/comments.


      • I will definitely have to check out GamePeer, thanks for the advice!

        Also, Ziggs is such a satisfying champion to use. Nothing is better than landing a killing bomb over a wall where you can’t see ’em.

      • Yea, please check it out. It basically will be my cure all for bad gaming partners.
        Zigs is amazing and very entertaining as you say. Sometimes I play games and launch bombs for the hell of it. If it hits and kills I swear it is more satisfying then waking up Christmas morning. Not really but you get the gist.

  2. PerceivingJocie Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m so glad you found me, because now I’ve found GamerPeer.com and I’m checking it out right now. My husband and I usually play LoL together and let me tell you sometimes we get the suckiest of team mates.

    We are usually doing great and because of lack of team work or a stupid player we get messed up. It sucks!

    So if there’s something that can help deal with that, it’s good to know.

    Great post btw, very funny 🙂

  3. No problem -You had an interesting post as well. I am glad you enjoy GamerPeer.com. Having issues finding good partners is one of the reasons we created the site.

    I hope GamerPeer.com solves your problem of getting stuck with awful partners. Keep me posted on how you are enjoying the site! Speak soon.


  4. Dont lol Me…

    […]Damn LoL Rage Quitters almost got me fired – again. « Jack Of all Trades Blog[…]…

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