Cash Prize LoL league?

It is almost that time of year again, the snow is gone, the sun is shining, every one is outside, my Vitamin B is at its yearly high, clothes are almost non existent, and the beautiful women are now… preparing for GamerPeer’s first League of Legends tournament.  🙂  Wait, what are you talking about Jack?  Let me explain… Actually I don’t feel like it.  If you are interested in testing your skills in League of Legends for an opportunity to win a cash prize click here.

Everything you need is on that link.  I am however going to add an extra incentive / requirement.  If the winners of the tournament/league are followers of me either on this blog, or twitter, I will throw in a $50 bonus for each member of the team.  I know it is not much, but I want to do it.  This by no way is affiliated with GamerPeer more of an individual investment.

“Why would you do this?”  Easy!

a. because I can

b. because it is entertaining

c. because I am an egotistical bastard

d. because I want more people to read/follow my blog

e. Because *See my blog title*


And people say honesty is a virtue.   Boy are they wrong. haha




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