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League of Legends CompStomp

Posted in on April 30, 2012 by Jack Of all Trades

One of the greatest things about Video Games is the ability to play with friends and stomp the computer. It is an opportunity to play with friends, try new strategies, use new characters that you normally wouldn’t try, and always win… most of the time.

Now I consider myself a decent League of Legends player but occasionally like to try new characters as well as new strategies – cant mess up my ELO. It just so happens that in my very first game with Ahri, against the computer, in what was supposed to be a comp stomp, I happened to be stuck with 3 trolls/feeders. (A feeder is someone that gives points to other team). To make a long story short I played ok, but everyone else had a Kill to Death ratio of -6. So what happened? We lost! In a game that was supposed to be an absolute slaughter, I lost. What a joke and embarrassment. Why can’t there be a method or madness to find other people who enjoy comp stomps that don’t suck and entertaining…Hint hint nudge nudge coughGamerPeercough. I mean I can only tell so many jokes during a 30-45 minute game. Anyone else feel the same way?



en route via train

Posted in Misc. with tags , , on April 26, 2012 by Jack Of all Trades

So here is the scoop. I am going to skip the bullshit and tell you what I am talking about. I lost my car keys somewhere in New York City and I have no idea where. I am now spending a lot of money on an hour and a twenty minute train and the only thing my parents can say is… “Why don’t you retrace your steps Jack.” Ok let’s see what I can remember – you guys know where this is going. :).
The first thing I did was travel to NYC for a soccer game. It is almost beach season and continuing to play soccer is one of the only things I enjoy doing to stay in shape. Let’s be honest, running sucks and it can be embarrassing showing up daily at all girls spinning classes. (Seriously guys its a good workout). After soccer I went back to the apartment in the city, showered, watched tv, and then got a phone call to meet a few friends for drinks. Well we ended up going through 5 different bars and had my keys in my back pocket… At our 5th and final bar, I got a phone call from a friend who said she was going to Karaoke night with a bunch of her friends. Sign me up! I have the voice of an angel, a combination of Jesus and Fergie. (Great Movie) So got home late, didn’t sleep much, and didn’t realize i lost my keys until monday morning, on my way to work, when I was already at the car, with no set of back ups, and nothing on tv to watch during the day. I don’t know how that is relevant but now that the Penguins lost Hockey and TV seems bland.
“Mom, I already told you, I didn’t see them at the soccer field, the nice laid back italian restaurant doesn’t have them, and I didn’t see them that night when I was home by 9 reading a book… :)”
“Jack, your full of _ _ _ _” For those of you that know my Mom know that she would never say shit, I just added it for emphasis. Anyway, I really have no idea what happened with my keys, frustrated with my new train bill, and frustrated that there are no good new games on IoS to keep me entertained while I commute. I really thought that taking the train might be an adventure and it would give me more time to game, respond to emails, and monitor… it does, but now I am getting dizzy.


Exclusive LoL Sivir for free -swag through the roof!

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Today's LoL- skin give away

Alright so this is what’s going on.  As all of you know I attended PAX East a few weeks ago.  I have no idea exactly how long ago it was, but basically I grabbed a shit ton of swag the final day for myself and  What’s swag you ask?  Well if you ask any rapper and I mean any (every single one of them wrote a song about swag)…they wouldn’t know.  If you think I am kidding, here is a quick list of songs with Swag/Swagger/Swang in their title.  Ready?  Here I go?

1.  Swag through the roof – Mike Jones.  2. Swagger Like Us – Jay Z 3. ” Swang ” – Trae f/ Hawk ( Bad azz song ) 4. Swang Remix – UGK, Fat Pat, Slim Thugg

 5.  Swang on em – Bun B 6. Swang on 4’s – Zro 7.  My Swag – Lil Wayne #8 Swang Your Drank – Sam Adams  9. Turn my Swag On – Soulja Boy tell em… (cricket, cricket)

 So in terms of Pax East and the video game convention community swag, from my understanding is – free shit that is handed out at booths.  Great!  So what’s the point Jack?  The point is I have a bunch of free shit that I will be giving away sporadically from twitter, my blog, facebook, and any other social media sites people might follow.  “What about Google Plus?”  “Nope… Can’t be in beta for over 3 years.  Seriously… how can they have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and still be in beta?”  #Bullshit.

Sivir Skin, Sivir, LoL, free give away, Riot, League of Legends

another Sivir picture

sivir, free give away,, GamerPEer, Riot, League of Legends,

final Sivir image

Hope you all enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts… Remember, to be in contention for the free give aways, you have to sign up for  Rules will be posted on the spotlight.  Today (as a heads start), you have to send a message to TheHookie9 and send him a peer request.  It’s that simple.  Tell your friends, follow this blog, and help me give some of this “swag” away.

First finance post in a while

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This is just an opinion that I have and should only be taken with a grain of salt.  I no longer trade futures but did just fine when I was prop trading (analyze that anyway you want).  One of my favorite future markets to trade was the SP 500 and recently I have taken a notice to the possibility of a head and shoulders on the daily chart.   You might not think that is significant because that is such a common trading term, however, used with Stochastics it can be a very good reversal indicator.

When viewing this chart, the first thing I notice is the three new highs (see head) while the stochastics are not doing the same, they are actually doing the opposite.  This can indicate a reversal in the market.  The diagonal blue line is support, however, if we test the highs, make new highs with no follow through, I am buying way out of the money puts in this market.  The entire move back to the top would be part of a divergence which typically means look out below.  There are multiple ways to hedge this position with options and trade around my thought process- I just don’t want to go into details on my blog.  I would love some responses to this and am open to any and all comments.  Again, this is just my thought process and am no way responsible for others results.

I have a blue ball… sweet

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shiny blue ball

So I have had a good amount of work the past few days and noticed something kind of scary recently.  Every time I sit in my normal desk chair, I would experience incedible lower back pain when I tried getting up.  Fuck, I must be getting old.  So I asked a few old people with back pain and they suggested I try getting “blue balls.”  (See above)  That’s right, they suggested I purchase one of the gym balls that are supposed to be used for balance and strengthen your core.  Sweet, I can sit on my ass doing work for hours upon hours and tighten my core.   Hmmm… Does anyone else think this sounds awfully close to other exercise gimmicks?

shake weight, southpark, exercise equipment, gym, work out, sweat,

the shake weight... Hold this with both hands while we vibrate the shit out of it. You will feel the burn in no time.

ab vibrator, ab workout, workout, sitting on your ass, easy workout, lose weight

Sit on your ass while we massage your belly. Feel the pounds vibrate off.

Anyway, I am going to give my blue balls… err blue ball a shot for a few days, maybe even a week.  If anyone is curious to see if it helps the back pain please feel free to email or comment below.  I need to go out work out now.

Fat guy, beer, drinking beer, tv, man, video games, overweight

It's cool though... I held the vibrating stick for 5 minutes and have my ab belt on. @LosingweightLOL

Our first Media coverage!

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Whats going on everyone?  I am in a great mood today.  This is not usually the case when my professional hockey team is down 3 rock, but today is different.  I woke up at the usual time and did my daily google search.  Normally my blog shows up like 5 times on the first 2 pages because I am amazing, but today was different.  Holy shit balls… Someone from PAX wrote an article about us that was… actually positive.  I mean it totally makes sense.  It’s not like we are a new company that is standing side by side with huge companies or anything.  😉

Anyway, one of the very popular gaming websites took an interest to our concept and wrote this, and I quote… “But past all the glitz and glamour, past all the fancy signs and models on stage, it wasn’t a product that caught my attention this year at PAX East, it was a concept!” –  With that being said, I encourage all of my blogs viewers to check out the article.  We at GamerPeer can’t thank KonasKorner enough and look forward to working with them to accomplish our common goal, better gaming.


*on a side note* “blog viewers” sounds weird, can I just call you minions? Just kidding… kind of.

What exactly is GamerPeer?

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People often ask me what GamerPeer is and why the hell I spend so much time working on a gaming website.  It is a common question that I am not only asked by friends, but other members of the gaming community.  So I am going to explain what is and how we plan to revolutionize the gaming industry with our patent pending math algorithm.

First, is a free website that takes basic information about each individual and matches them with other gamers like them.   “Oh, so you are a dating website for geeks, excuse me… gamers.”

 nerds, pax, gaming partners, Eharmony, dating sate for gamers, gaming, gamers,

Level 80's in World of Warcraft... are they a perfect match on

Close but no.   In addition to having basic information about each individual gamer, we ask them how they play specific games, their level, game preferences, as well as psychographic questions that other users might be interested in knowing.  “Jack, psychographic is a big word that many people might not comprehend, can you explain.”  Sure!  The way GamerPeer describes psychographic  questions is – the thought process and personality that gamers experience playing games.  “Oh!!!!! So basically you find people you want to play with. No more Nbes!  I can find the best players of all time and never lose.”

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But he has an epic flying mount...

Wong! At we want you to play with people that not only have the same games and rank, but share other interests as well.  We want to take the glory days of gaming (playing on the couch with your friends) and incorporate it cross platform and across the nation… shit – we already have users from 100 different countries so I guess World Domination?

Call of duty 3, Call of Duty, World War 2, gaming, Video Games, call of Duty Elite,

Anyone get the WW2 reference? (To soon?)

We consider ourselves visionaries and pioneers in terms of matchmaking online and strive everyday to improve the gaming community.  We do not want to be matched with people that a member of the frag dolls deal with on a daily basis… It’s pretty messed up shit, check it out  A good portion of user’s information is private, but we believe in better gaming for both genders, all skill levels, all age groups, and all personality types.  Try us and find your perfect match! 😉