PAX East Experience so far

Yes, I know a good portion of you are going to bitch about having to turn your head a few degrees to the side – oh well.   So I arrive at my first ever PAX convention, actually it is my first ever convention and am a little overwhelmed.  Some of you might know the lineup for PAX but this is crazy.  I am across from RioT games – creators of League of Legends.  Their booth is about 100-100 and mine is 10 x 10.  Mad props to them, not only are they going to get a shit ton of traffic because the game is amazing, but they even have HD tv’s set up.  Is it inappropriate to ask them to turn on the baseball games or at least attach an Xbox console to the tv directly in front of me… They are being selfish 🙂

In addition to being next to a huge game – but the first banner I see is one for Max Payne 3.  Let me refresh, the first banner I see is about the size of a house.  St. Peters facade, would be dwarfed by this massive banner.  So sweet.  I don’t feel like typing anymore because I am supposed to be social – but I will be updating regularly… if there is anything you would like to see let me know.



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