GamerPeer takes over PAX East

That’s right I said it! was across from the Riot booth (League of Legends) and I have to say, we kicked their ass in terms of being awesome.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this photo of our booth.

Gotcha punks!  This is a picture of our booth prior to having 3 guys clean everything and try to make it look attractive…  Wait time out, you want 3 guys to make something look nice, like an interior decorator for conventions per-say?  You caught me, that is exactly what it was like.  The worst/best part, depending on how you view it, was we all had different perspectives on how the booth should look.  We needed to brainstorm a way to show our exhibit and attract the most interest in our site.  Here is an example of our brainstorming conversation.

Guy 1:  I think we should put monitors in the front, our banner in the back, and a bunch of business cards in the front.

Guy 2:  I think we should put monitors in the front, our banner in the back, a bunch of our business cards in the front, and include a PS VITA as a free giveaway.  This would make people stop by our booth, sign up, and give us an opportunity to give our elevator pitch.  

Me:  “I think we should get strippers and put them in front playing video games.”  

Even though I brought up an excellent point, the others overruled me.  Here is a final image of our exhibit.

Booth Babe, League of Legends, Pax East, Ashe, LOL, GamerPeer, matchmaking


JACK!!!!!!!!! Is that a gamer chick at your booth?  You know it!  Did you really think I was going to lose and not have my own personal booth babe?  The best and coolest part about this picture is she is dressed as Ashe – my favorite League of Legends summoner.   I did not get her number, but learned a valuable lesson.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to buy Ashe a drink.

Over the next few days I will post more pictures from various events at PAX East, pictures of a costume contest, and go through my final summary.


*Disclaimer – The content on this blog is strictly for entertainment purposes.  In no way does support the jackofalltrades persona*


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