PAX Costumes

So here are a few of the costumes that were very good at the convention.  I think I took over 50 pictures but don’t want to upload all of them.  If you would like to see more then shoot me an email.  The funny thing about these pictures is that I can name every game the characters are from.  Think about it, has over 65 games on the site that matches users who enjoy playing as these characters.  Don’t believe me?  Check us out yourself.  The site is free.

two former gladiators starring in the new game FireFall.

Firefall, gladiator, kid,

The gladiator/firefall costume weighs about 60 pounds (I asked)

Riot, League of Legends, summoner, costumes, PAX East

two League of Legend Summoners. Some of my favorite costumes... the girl had 10 feet of worm behind her.

chick, dude, gamers

two great costumes from Pax

League of LEgends, Lol, costume, PAx East,

This was an amazing costume... another League of Legends character.

gaming chicks

gaming chicks - wish i knew what game they were from.

Ninjas, Pax, League of LEgends, Costume Contest,

I see you Ninjas!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw - new game coming out soon.

Gangplank? Pirate, gamer chick

Gangbank? or Gangplank? (sorry! I really did love the costume)

Huge sword! I forget the game name, but I want that toy... Did that sound bad?

League of Legends, Summoner

The funny thing about this costume, was the guy walked around the same way the character does. I should have taken a video but he was walking very slow and sideways. derrrr - still a good costume

Summoner, Lol, League of Legends, GamerPeer, beer,

It looks like he is drinking a beer or something. He is not, just modified fist pump in front of our booth. -Sweet

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 new game coming out soon. Wish i had more to say about this 1

Chainsaw Lollipop, Booth babe, marketing, Capcom?

New game coming out, Chainsaw Lollipop doing an interview... That my friends is marketing 101.

League of Legends, PAX, chillen, costumes, summoner

Whats going on... "Oh nothing, just sitting here with my boomerang ready to take out some legs if I get stepped on."


Want to have our own little contest?  If you have more comments or new comments that are better then mine, I will be happy to change them and quote you.




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