Our first Media coverage!

Whats going on everyone?  I am in a great mood today.  This is not usually the case when my professional hockey team is down 3 rock, but today is different.  I woke up at the usual time and did my daily GamerPeer.com google search.  Normally my blog shows up like 5 times on the first 2 pages because I am amazing, but today was different.  Holy shit balls… Someone from PAX wrote an article about us that was… actually positive.  I mean it totally makes sense.  It’s not like we are a new company that is standing side by side with huge companies or anything.  😉

Anyway, one of the very popular gaming websites took an interest to our concept and wrote this, and I quote… “But past all the glitz and glamour, past all the fancy signs and models on stage, it wasn’t a product that caught my attention this year at PAX East, it was a concept!” – http://konaskorner.com/2012/04/16/gamerpeer-com-guides-gamers-to-good-gameplay/  With that being said, I encourage all of my blogs viewers to check out the article.  We at GamerPeer can’t thank KonasKorner enough and look forward to working with them to accomplish our common goal, better gaming.


*on a side note* “blog viewers” sounds weird, can I just call you minions? Just kidding… kind of.


3 Responses to “Our first Media coverage!”

  1. Wow, very very cool. It is an excellent idea. Checking out your site! And congrats 😀

    • Thank you very much. I had an opportunity to check out Linkdeadgaming as well. I need to catch up on podcasts but read a few posts. I saw that you are waiting for the Secret World and happen to have an extra “Access to First Public Beta Weekend in May” key if you are interested in checking it out. Thanks for following my blog, even though it can be crude at times… Oh the possibilities with SEO. 🙂

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