I have a blue ball… sweet

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shiny blue ball

So I have had a good amount of work the past few days and noticed something kind of scary recently.  Every time I sit in my normal desk chair, I would experience incedible lower back pain when I tried getting up.  Fuck, I must be getting old.  So I asked a few old people with back pain and they suggested I try getting “blue balls.”  (See above)  That’s right, they suggested I purchase one of the gym balls that are supposed to be used for balance and strengthen your core.  Sweet, I can sit on my ass doing work for hours upon hours and tighten my core.   Hmmm… Does anyone else think this sounds awfully close to other exercise gimmicks?

shake weight, southpark, exercise equipment, gym, work out, sweat,

the shake weight... Hold this with both hands while we vibrate the shit out of it. You will feel the burn in no time.

ab vibrator, ab workout, workout, sitting on your ass, easy workout, lose weight

Sit on your ass while we massage your belly. Feel the pounds vibrate off.

Anyway, I am going to give my blue balls… err blue ball a shot for a few days, maybe even a week.  If anyone is curious to see if it helps the back pain please feel free to email or comment below.  I need to go out work out now.

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It's cool though... I held the vibrating stick for 5 minutes and have my ab belt on. @LosingweightLOL


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  1. For the bloggers that liked this post – thanks! haha

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