Exclusive LoL Sivir for free -swag through the roof!

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Today's LoL- skin give away

Alright so this is what’s going on.  As all of you know I attended PAX East a few weeks ago.  I have no idea exactly how long ago it was, but basically I grabbed a shit ton of swag the final day for myself and GamerPeer.com.  What’s swag you ask?  Well if you ask any rapper and I mean any (every single one of them wrote a song about swag)…they wouldn’t know.  If you think I am kidding, here is a quick list of songs with Swag/Swagger/Swang in their title.  Ready?  Here I go?

1.  Swag through the roof – Mike Jones.  2. Swagger Like Us – Jay Z 3. ” Swang ” – Trae f/ Hawk ( Bad azz song ) 4. Swang Remix – UGK, Fat Pat, Slim Thugg

 5.  Swang on em – Bun B 6. Swang on 4’s – Zro 7.  My Swag – Lil Wayne #8 Swang Your Drank – Sam Adams  9. Turn my Swag On – Soulja Boy tell em… (cricket, cricket)

 So in terms of Pax East and the video game convention community swag, from my understanding is – free shit that is handed out at booths.  Great!  So what’s the point Jack?  The point is I have a bunch of free shit that I will be giving away sporadically from twitter, my blog, facebook, and any other social media sites people might follow.  “What about Google Plus?”  “Nope… Can’t be in beta for over 3 years.  Seriously… how can they have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and still be in beta?”  #Bullshit.

Sivir Skin, Sivir, LoL, free give away, Riot, League of Legends

another Sivir picture

sivir, free give away, GamerPeer.com, GamerPEer, Riot, League of Legends,

final Sivir image

Hope you all enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts… Remember, to be in contention for the free give aways, you have to sign up for GamerPeer.com.  Rules will be posted on the spotlight.  Today (as a heads start), you have to send a message to TheHookie9 and send him a peer request.  It’s that simple.  Tell your friends, follow this blog, and help me give some of this “swag” away.


4 Responses to “Exclusive LoL Sivir for free -swag through the roof!”

  1. Sivir needs more awesome skins 🙂 I’m still hoping to get my hands on the PAX skin some day…. She’s still my favorite

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