League of Legends CompStomp

One of the greatest things about Video Games is the ability to play with friends and stomp the computer. It is an opportunity to play with friends, try new strategies, use new characters that you normally wouldn’t try, and always win… most of the time.

Now I consider myself a decent League of Legends player but occasionally like to try new characters as well as new strategies – cant mess up my ELO. It just so happens that in my very first game with Ahri, against the computer, in what was supposed to be a comp stomp, I happened to be stuck with 3 trolls/feeders. (A feeder is someone that gives points to other team). To make a long story short I played ok, but everyone else had a Kill to Death ratio of -6. So what happened? We lost! In a game that was supposed to be an absolute slaughter, I lost. What a joke and embarrassment. Why can’t there be a method or madness to find other people who enjoy comp stomps that don’t suck and entertaining…Hint hint nudge nudge coughGamerPeercough. I mean I can only tell so many jokes during a 30-45 minute game. Anyone else feel the same way?



2 Responses to “League of Legends CompStomp”

  1. Haha you know I do! I just recently found out I’m really not as good as I thought I was, so I’m trying to shape up and get better…might give GamerPeer a shot, I’ve been trying to find duo queue partners!

    • You damn well better give us a shot… Sorry sorry I was completely out of line. Haha but on a serious note, our LoL community is growing, we are hosting a tournament starting today (you can still signup) and I am beginning to kick ass with ziggs… No longer lose comp stomps haha

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