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So I don’t recall what happened, how it happened, or why it happened, but at 530 my phone starts ringing.  I figured it was a typical text, email, or someone tweeting… I was wrong, it was a calender alert.  “NJ Tech startup meeting at 645 in the Babbio center at Stevens University.”  I completely forgot that I signed up for that event and to be quite honest, didn’t remember what it was about.  I used careful math calculations and deduced, (haha great word that sounds like seduce) that this conference has something to do with start up companies and technology all in one.  Genius! …CIA if you ever need a code breaker hit me up on twitter.  😉

Anyway, I get up from my computer and drag my ass to the convention.  The last tech thing I attended was the TechCrunch Hackathon.  That together was an experience in itself.  So I arrive at the Babbio center with 0 expectations.  To my pleasant surprise there was a great turnout!  This was my first ever njtech convention/conference and I was impressed.  There were 3 great start-up companies pitching their idea along with the CTO of Audible as the guest speaker.  To make a long story short – it was amazing.  Met a lot of very interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.  It was a pleasure meeting like minded entrepreneurs and I look forward to attending the next convention.  If you have any other questions or want some more information on what else took place, hit me up.  By now you all should know where to find me.




AwesomeNauts – try AwesomeNuts

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AwesomeNauts… Try these AwesomeNuts!

So I was fortunate enough to see a preview of AwesomeNauts at PaX East a few months ago and immediately fell in love with the game.  Once it finally came out on XBOX Live Arcade and PS… whatever the hell you call it, I had to get it.  The first day I purchased it I spent 4 hours trying to master a specific character.  I won’t say which one, but from my personality you can probably guess which character.  You are right!  It is the spaztastic Leon. haha.

“What kind of game is AwesomeNauts?”  Good question.  Here are my bullet points about the game;

  • 3v3 moba
  • 6 characters to choose from with additional DLC coming soon
  • LoL on crack for 360 and (seriously what the hell is PS’s arcade called)
  • Never experience rage quitters because bots replace team leaving
  • Fast leveling
  • different build strategies
  • 3 maps
  • games around 15 minutes long
  • easy controls
  • quick learning curve
Anyway I am running out of time and need to add this game to  Playing with teammates and friends is always better then playing alone… or is it?  Arguments and responses are welcome.  Check out the game and give us some feedback on what you think.

Play Diablo 2 for Diablo 3?

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Alright I am going to break this down for everyone.  As a warning, this is going to blow your minds because it is an absolutely mind boggling concept that I wish I could participate in.  Let me explain, join, add Diablo 2 as a game, play Diablo 2, do funny shit, take a picture, and upload it to your GamerPeer account for a chance to win Diablo 3.  I know most of you have dusted off your old Diablo 2 games in anticipation for the Diablo 3, so why not participate in a chance to save 60 bucks.

“But Jack, $60 is not a lot of money…”  That is true, but I will give you two incentives.  The first incentive, if you are playing Diablo 2 and preparing for Diablo 3, taking a screen shit, errr shit on a boss, and taking a screen shot, (sorry for typo)… is very easy.  The opportunity cost is through the roof.  My 2nd incentive is this – if you win a free copy of Diablo 3, and pocket 60 bucks, that enables you to spend 60 bucks on other cool stuff.

Here is a quick list of stuff you can use 60$ on; Another Game, almost 3 30’s of alcohol, a new video game remote, 20 tall boys, dinner for/with 5 different girls (don’t be mad), 6 jager bombs, brand new Nike sneakers, and my personal favorite… new shit in League of Legends.    

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Read this!

 So yeah. check it out and let me know what all of you think.  I am excited for Diablo 3 and wouldn’t mind finding the time to play Diablo 2 one last time.  Email me if you have any questions or comments.