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League of Legends Zed, the Master of Shadow revealed

Posted in on November 1, 2012 by Jack Of all Trades

I am not sure what everyone thinks about this new character, but for me Elise was an embarrassment and look forward to trying Zed out.


Contempt for the Weak (Passive): Whenever Zed attacks an enemy below 50% Health, he deals an additional 8% of their maximum Health as magic damage. This effect has a short cooldown.

Razor Shuriken: Zed and his shadow both throw their shurikens, dealing physical damage to any target they pass through. Each Shuriken deals less damage to targets beyond the first.

Living Shadow: Zed’s shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for a short duration. Zed’s shadow will duplicate his spells. Activating Living Shadow again while his shadow is active will cause Zed to switch positions with his shadow. If both Zed and his shadow strike the same target with Razor Shurikens or Shadow Slash, Zed regains some energy and the target suffers an additional effect: Razor Shurikens deal additional bonus damage and the slow from Shadow Slash is dramatically increased.

Shadow Slash: Zed and his shadow both create a burst of…

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LoL’s Veigar vs Final Fantasy Vivi/Black Mage

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So today was one of those days where I felt “adventurous” and wanted to try something new.  Unlike some of you, that think running a marathon, rock climbing, purchase a new video, or ordering from a new Chinese Restaurant is considered adventurous.  For me, being adventurous was taking a break from work and trying a League of Legends character that I have never played with.  Today, the new character of choice was Veigar.

Veigar, League of Legends, Solo mid, burst damage, best character, LoL, mage, black mage

“Being Adventurous”

I don’t know what caused this sudden urge to branch out.  Might have been the result of seeing an opposing Veigar go 24-3 and 2 hit kill me every time.  Whatever the reason, I bought this character and played a few games.  It saddens me to admit this, but I sucked.  It wasn’t as bad as some of my other new characters but not as good as I expected.  My teammates on the other hand were the typical, lovely, charming, and supportive team members that the LoL community is known for… (gag)  Needless to say, my feelings were hurt, caused me to rage quit, and “forced” me to throw a half open beer can across the room.

After everything was cleaned up and came back to my senses, I took a step back and admired the Veigar character.   I tried that positive visualization crap but became even more frustrated with what/who I saw… Vivi from Final Fantasy.

vivi, final fantasy, final fantasy 8, final fantasy 9, League of Legends, Veigar, Veigar copy, Square Enix

You can’t tell me Veigar doesn’t look like Vivi!

Being a die hard Final Fantasy fan, I grew up with the original black mage.  From Final Fantasy 1 with the original black mage all the way up to Lulu from FFX.   Yes, Lulu technically doesn’t look like Veigar, but whatever, she was still a bad ass mage from the last Final Fantasy game I played.  Anyway, I am thinking about writing to Riot and demanding they change the default skin.  They can keep Veigar as a leprechaun look a like, but don’t insult the FF series and Square Enix by having Veigar suck so much in the League of Legends.  I have attached a few more images for comparison and look forward to future comments.

The 1 and only black mage, black mage, veigar, final fantasy 1, mage, square enix

The original Black Mage!

Lephechaun Veigar, Veigar, League of LEgends, Riot, Skins, Veigar Skin

Leprechaun Veigar… how dumb

white mage, veigar, veigar skin, Riot, League of Legends,

the “White Mage” version of Veigar.

-Jack of all Trades (a frustrated Veigar/Black Mage player)