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What a beautiful day…

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Hot as balls – time to play video games

Time to turn the AC on, get a coke, pull down the shades, and play video games.  Seriously, it is an absolutely brilliant idea.  Think about it, a lot of the servers I play on are all US East, East, North America, etc… and who plays video games at this time of the day?  Kids out of middle school and high school.  That is right – it is the perfect opportunity to pick up your sticks and enjoy a few hours of gaming and kicking the ass of middle school kids.

“Jack, that is probably one of the most messed up things you have said on this blog… so far.”  True, but for the hardcore gamers out there, let me explain.  From about 10 am (need that pre day workout) most gamers are working till about 5 then go to Happy Hour – till about 10.  My mathematics could be off but I am just stating my typical post drink experience.  As I was saying – from about 10am – 10 pm, most of the gamers online are teens who haven’t quite developed their hand eye coordination or motor skills.  They seem to be a few millionths of a second behind – HAHA nbes.  🙂 But knowing that – double up on XP boosts and win games.

For me I seem to only win games during these hours – so what do I do – farm and exploit this flaw so it appears that I am actually good or a high rank.  It is the fastest way to level and keeps you away from the sunlight, genius!  If you are one of those skilled gamers, or want to find people like you to play with during this heat wave, why not check out  That’s what I am doing!  Private information is hidden, but atleast you will be able to find people who play the same games and have same personality/interests.  Wait a second – if my best matches are with nbe teens, does that mean I am a nbe teen as well who hasn’t developed motor skills?  Damn this is like a psychological conundrum that must be explored in more depth… after a few games of LOL and COD.


(Again, this blog is for entertainment purposes only)



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So I don’t recall what happened, how it happened, or why it happened, but at 530 my phone starts ringing.  I figured it was a typical text, email, or someone tweeting… I was wrong, it was a calender alert.  “NJ Tech startup meeting at 645 in the Babbio center at Stevens University.”  I completely forgot that I signed up for that event and to be quite honest, didn’t remember what it was about.  I used careful math calculations and deduced, (haha great word that sounds like seduce) that this conference has something to do with start up companies and technology all in one.  Genius! …CIA if you ever need a code breaker hit me up on twitter.  😉

Anyway, I get up from my computer and drag my ass to the convention.  The last tech thing I attended was the TechCrunch Hackathon.  That together was an experience in itself.  So I arrive at the Babbio center with 0 expectations.  To my pleasant surprise there was a great turnout!  This was my first ever njtech convention/conference and I was impressed.  There were 3 great start-up companies pitching their idea along with the CTO of Audible as the guest speaker.  To make a long story short – it was amazing.  Met a lot of very interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.  It was a pleasure meeting like minded entrepreneurs and I look forward to attending the next convention.  If you have any other questions or want some more information on what else took place, hit me up.  By now you all should know where to find me.



en route via train

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So here is the scoop. I am going to skip the bullshit and tell you what I am talking about. I lost my car keys somewhere in New York City and I have no idea where. I am now spending a lot of money on an hour and a twenty minute train and the only thing my parents can say is… “Why don’t you retrace your steps Jack.” Ok let’s see what I can remember – you guys know where this is going. :).
The first thing I did was travel to NYC for a soccer game. It is almost beach season and continuing to play soccer is one of the only things I enjoy doing to stay in shape. Let’s be honest, running sucks and it can be embarrassing showing up daily at all girls spinning classes. (Seriously guys its a good workout). After soccer I went back to the apartment in the city, showered, watched tv, and then got a phone call to meet a few friends for drinks. Well we ended up going through 5 different bars and had my keys in my back pocket… At our 5th and final bar, I got a phone call from a friend who said she was going to Karaoke night with a bunch of her friends. Sign me up! I have the voice of an angel, a combination of Jesus and Fergie. (Great Movie) So got home late, didn’t sleep much, and didn’t realize i lost my keys until monday morning, on my way to work, when I was already at the car, with no set of back ups, and nothing on tv to watch during the day. I don’t know how that is relevant but now that the Penguins lost Hockey and TV seems bland.
“Mom, I already told you, I didn’t see them at the soccer field, the nice laid back italian restaurant doesn’t have them, and I didn’t see them that night when I was home by 9 reading a book… :)”
“Jack, your full of _ _ _ _” For those of you that know my Mom know that she would never say shit, I just added it for emphasis. Anyway, I really have no idea what happened with my keys, frustrated with my new train bill, and frustrated that there are no good new games on IoS to keep me entertained while I commute. I really thought that taking the train might be an adventure and it would give me more time to game, respond to emails, and monitor… it does, but now I am getting dizzy.


First finance post in a while

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This is just an opinion that I have and should only be taken with a grain of salt.  I no longer trade futures but did just fine when I was prop trading (analyze that anyway you want).  One of my favorite future markets to trade was the SP 500 and recently I have taken a notice to the possibility of a head and shoulders on the daily chart.   You might not think that is significant because that is such a common trading term, however, used with Stochastics it can be a very good reversal indicator.

When viewing this chart, the first thing I notice is the three new highs (see head) while the stochastics are not doing the same, they are actually doing the opposite.  This can indicate a reversal in the market.  The diagonal blue line is support, however, if we test the highs, make new highs with no follow through, I am buying way out of the money puts in this market.  The entire move back to the top would be part of a divergence which typically means look out below.  There are multiple ways to hedge this position with options and trade around my thought process- I just don’t want to go into details on my blog.  I would love some responses to this and am open to any and all comments.  Again, this is just my thought process and am no way responsible for others results.

This is hilarious… a true wtf moment

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Whats going on everyone?  If you are a first time viewer of my blog I think you should know a few things about me and what separates my blog from “the rest.”  The first thing is that a good portion of my posts are based on real life experiences that I think are funny.  Most of the time I look like an idiot in the end, but whatever, it’s entertaining.  The second thing is, “I indossare il mio cuore sul mio manicotto,” if you don’t know what this means look it up.  Again, if its funny and entertaining I have no problem sharing it.  Please know that this is for entertainment purposes only.  I only support about… 99% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  Now that all of that information is shared let me get to my story.

As per request from one of my readers, I will return to my roots for this post and not mention games because they aren’t “nerds.”  I don’t even know what that means but I will try… Anyway, so I was minding my own business doing “nerdy” things on my PC, when I get an email from one of those dating sites.  Oh sweet another girl to chat with that I have no intention of meeting or even talking to.  To my surprise she was good looking so I decided to respond.  Yes, I can be that shallow on those sites because almost everyone is full of shit on it.  So again, to my pleasant surprise this girl was actually pretty cool.  I found out she is a sports fan, musician/artist, almost as smart as me (but not quite) and she seemed motivated.  Wow, what a rare set of good qualities on a dating site.  SWEEEEET!!!!!!  One day I didn’t feel like messaging on the site and asked to chat via text. My thought was – I have my phone 24/7 so lets see if both of us can actually hold a conversation + I can only have so many windows/tabs open on the comp.

We started talking around 9:30 one night and around 1 am I experienced the WTF moment.  For those of you who can actually do math, that was about 4.5 hours of talking… Close enough ;).  As I was saying, around 1 am I receive this text message.

 Yes, I blanked her name out.  No names on my blog.

“How pissed would you be if I was like a guy this whole time.” *SPOILER ALERT* I found out she wasn’t but I was caught off guard.  Seriously who the hell says something like that to someone they never met.  So weird.  I obviously continued talking but didn’t really have a response.  I can’t say “Not again,” because that hits to close to home so I coninued to think.   The only thing I could think of in response was, “What if I was a girl this entire time?”  I pressed the send button and eagerly waited for her response.  The reason I used the word eagerly was because I obviously am a dude and didn’t really care how she responded, it was a win win for me.  Let me explain…

“Jack, I am pretty sure you are a guy, you talk about sports, beer, and sex.  Occasionally you mention your company, but that is on the rarest of occasions.”  #awesome

“Jack, if your name is actually Jaclyn I would actually be more interested in meeting you.” #awesome x10

See what I mean!  I will leave the rest of the story up to your creative minds but feel free to comment if you have similar experiences or want to shoot the shit.


The not so top 9…

Posted in Misc. on March 21, 2012 by Jack Of all Trades

So I yesterday I was playing League of Legends and had something funny happen to me.  It was so hilarious and inappropriate that I obviously had to write a blog post about it.  As an FYI, I normally don’t talk or listen to my team because most of the time they suck or annoying as shit.  However, for some reason I had an urge to be a team player and use the mic.  Anyway, I am playing as Ziggs holding down the middle lane when my teammate shouts – “Go through the bush and attack the front and I will attack her from behind… “I’m sorry, come again.”  Does he not know that the female gamer is no longer a myth but a reality.  What if she could somehow hear us?  Right now I am thinking “great, I am associated with 16-18 year old little shits, who have potty mouths, and are also perverts…If they make me lose I am going to be upset.”  Immediately after, the foul mouthed, 16 year old, types in… lets double team them and get an easy kill!!!!!! OHHHHHH I get it – you really aren’t disgusting.  You are actually trying to win/get points.  High 5 buddy.

*The enemy character we were ganking was female* -I can’t believe I am using the word gank in my blog posts now.  I really need a vacation.

  here is a screen shot of a LOL game

My team obviously won but it got me thinking.  What if that kid wasn’t actually trying to be gross or inappropriate, what if he was actually just trying to win and I took it the wrong way…  It was at that moment that I had a realization – on multiple occasions I have used video games as an afrodisiac- before any of my female readers judge me, let me explain myself.

Here it is- dated few girls, and one of the amazing pickup lines I had was, “want to come play DDR.”  Apparently chicks like dancing so it usually turned out ok.

“Time out Jack, you mean to tell me that you don’t actually like playing Dance Dance Revolution with me?”  “Sorry hun – the initial reason I bought it was because you are a lousy dancer and I wanted the opportunity to eat a cheeseburger, drink a beer, and get the high score all at the same time.”

Anyway, sorry for sidetracking but now I am ready to get to the main point of this post – the not so top 8 pickup gamer lines I have heard, in no particular order.

1.  Why don’t you go practice Wii Fit.

2.  I got stuck by a sticky bomb.  – Halo

3.  Go through the bush and attack the rear. – LoL

4.  He shoots he scores. – Any sports games

5.  If only there was a WNBA video game – it would be easier to penetrate through the middle. -NBA

6.  Want to go upstairs and play Dance Dance Revolution? -DDR

7.  Up, down, Up, down, Up, Down – kinect games

8.  I have a level 80 epic mount, want to ride it?  – World of Warcraft

9. –  watch a few seconds.

I really don’t have much else to comment on today.  Before people take this the wrong way please realize these views are my own and are written for entertainment purposes.  If you have any questions, comments, or want to contribute articles, feel free to email me at