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LoL wait time? Opportunity or another frustrated Gamer?

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It is 2:40 pm and I want to play League of Legends.   Shit!  I have to wait how long to be able to play?  15 minutes on a Monday afternoon at 2:40 pm?  “Isn’t that a pain in the toosh :x.”  It really makes you wonder what the heck everyone is doing with their lives to fill up a massively scalable server in the afternoon.  What losers…  Oh goodie I am finally in. haha

But on a serious note, the last few weeks I have been having issues logging into LoL because it is so popular now.  Being that I have a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to try and capitalize on this “loading time.”  So what did I do?  I went to and started looking for people who might also be bored, wanting to chat about LoL, and looking for partners once we are able to get in and finally play.  “Jack, you may be onto something…”  I know.

I started creating a deck that could make Riot’s load time more enjoyable and get people excited about finally being able to play… not leaving and playing a new game.  Here are a few slides.

LOL wait time, League of Legends, OMFG, Bored

3 Hour + wait time to play LoL

League of Legend Questions, ELO, rank, favorite character, lane, LoL, summoners,

Game Specific Questions about users on GamerPeer – for LoL

League of Legends search result, gamerPeer, match percent, gamers, gaming, LoL

Find other’s waiting to play LoL

As everyone can tell – GamerPeer has the potential to make that 15 min – 3 hour + wait time more enjoyable.  Please share comments or concerns if you think this is a great idea.  All likes, posts, responses, additional ideas are welcome.


What a beautiful day…

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Hot as balls – time to play video games

Time to turn the AC on, get a coke, pull down the shades, and play video games.  Seriously, it is an absolutely brilliant idea.  Think about it, a lot of the servers I play on are all US East, East, North America, etc… and who plays video games at this time of the day?  Kids out of middle school and high school.  That is right – it is the perfect opportunity to pick up your sticks and enjoy a few hours of gaming and kicking the ass of middle school kids.

“Jack, that is probably one of the most messed up things you have said on this blog… so far.”  True, but for the hardcore gamers out there, let me explain.  From about 10 am (need that pre day workout) most gamers are working till about 5 then go to Happy Hour – till about 10.  My mathematics could be off but I am just stating my typical post drink experience.  As I was saying – from about 10am – 10 pm, most of the gamers online are teens who haven’t quite developed their hand eye coordination or motor skills.  They seem to be a few millionths of a second behind – HAHA nbes.  🙂 But knowing that – double up on XP boosts and win games.

For me I seem to only win games during these hours – so what do I do – farm and exploit this flaw so it appears that I am actually good or a high rank.  It is the fastest way to level and keeps you away from the sunlight, genius!  If you are one of those skilled gamers, or want to find people like you to play with during this heat wave, why not check out  That’s what I am doing!  Private information is hidden, but atleast you will be able to find people who play the same games and have same personality/interests.  Wait a second – if my best matches are with nbe teens, does that mean I am a nbe teen as well who hasn’t developed motor skills?  Damn this is like a psychological conundrum that must be explored in more depth… after a few games of LOL and COD.


(Again, this blog is for entertainment purposes only)

GamerPeer Landing Page

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Alright so here is the deal.  My boy Jordan –  a college student studying graphic design got bored and decided to change GamerPeer’s entire layout and design of the site.  What an ass.  After spending hours tracking him down I finally get a hold of the kid and told him to stop doing amazing designs and layouts because they were silly looking.  I didn’t say silly but said a naughty word that ended in hitty.

I was obviously kidding because he is a very talented graphic designer but I somehow used my charm and wit to convince him to create a new landing page mock up for  This is what he came up with.

GamerPeer design, layout, multiplayer gaming, matchmaking, games, gamer, graphic design

Jordan’s new design

If i get enough likes and comments of his design I will update’s splash page to his.  Please leave feedback and comments.  It will be greatly appreciated.



AwesomeNauts – try AwesomeNuts

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AwesomeNauts… Try these AwesomeNuts!

So I was fortunate enough to see a preview of AwesomeNauts at PaX East a few months ago and immediately fell in love with the game.  Once it finally came out on XBOX Live Arcade and PS… whatever the hell you call it, I had to get it.  The first day I purchased it I spent 4 hours trying to master a specific character.  I won’t say which one, but from my personality you can probably guess which character.  You are right!  It is the spaztastic Leon. haha.

“What kind of game is AwesomeNauts?”  Good question.  Here are my bullet points about the game;

  • 3v3 moba
  • 6 characters to choose from with additional DLC coming soon
  • LoL on crack for 360 and (seriously what the hell is PS’s arcade called)
  • Never experience rage quitters because bots replace team leaving
  • Fast leveling
  • different build strategies
  • 3 maps
  • games around 15 minutes long
  • easy controls
  • quick learning curve
Anyway I am running out of time and need to add this game to  Playing with teammates and friends is always better then playing alone… or is it?  Arguments and responses are welcome.  Check out the game and give us some feedback on what you think.

Play Diablo 2 for Diablo 3?

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Alright I am going to break this down for everyone.  As a warning, this is going to blow your minds because it is an absolutely mind boggling concept that I wish I could participate in.  Let me explain, join, add Diablo 2 as a game, play Diablo 2, do funny shit, take a picture, and upload it to your GamerPeer account for a chance to win Diablo 3.  I know most of you have dusted off your old Diablo 2 games in anticipation for the Diablo 3, so why not participate in a chance to save 60 bucks.

“But Jack, $60 is not a lot of money…”  That is true, but I will give you two incentives.  The first incentive, if you are playing Diablo 2 and preparing for Diablo 3, taking a screen shit, errr shit on a boss, and taking a screen shot, (sorry for typo)… is very easy.  The opportunity cost is through the roof.  My 2nd incentive is this – if you win a free copy of Diablo 3, and pocket 60 bucks, that enables you to spend 60 bucks on other cool stuff.

Here is a quick list of stuff you can use 60$ on; Another Game, almost 3 30’s of alcohol, a new video game remote, 20 tall boys, dinner for/with 5 different girls (don’t be mad), 6 jager bombs, brand new Nike sneakers, and my personal favorite… new shit in League of Legends.    

Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Game of the week, free game, PC game, GamerPeer, gamer, RPG, Diablo 3 Beta,

Read this!

 So yeah. check it out and let me know what all of you think.  I am excited for Diablo 3 and wouldn’t mind finding the time to play Diablo 2 one last time.  Email me if you have any questions or comments.


en route via train

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So here is the scoop. I am going to skip the bullshit and tell you what I am talking about. I lost my car keys somewhere in New York City and I have no idea where. I am now spending a lot of money on an hour and a twenty minute train and the only thing my parents can say is… “Why don’t you retrace your steps Jack.” Ok let’s see what I can remember – you guys know where this is going. :).
The first thing I did was travel to NYC for a soccer game. It is almost beach season and continuing to play soccer is one of the only things I enjoy doing to stay in shape. Let’s be honest, running sucks and it can be embarrassing showing up daily at all girls spinning classes. (Seriously guys its a good workout). After soccer I went back to the apartment in the city, showered, watched tv, and then got a phone call to meet a few friends for drinks. Well we ended up going through 5 different bars and had my keys in my back pocket… At our 5th and final bar, I got a phone call from a friend who said she was going to Karaoke night with a bunch of her friends. Sign me up! I have the voice of an angel, a combination of Jesus and Fergie. (Great Movie) So got home late, didn’t sleep much, and didn’t realize i lost my keys until monday morning, on my way to work, when I was already at the car, with no set of back ups, and nothing on tv to watch during the day. I don’t know how that is relevant but now that the Penguins lost Hockey and TV seems bland.
“Mom, I already told you, I didn’t see them at the soccer field, the nice laid back italian restaurant doesn’t have them, and I didn’t see them that night when I was home by 9 reading a book… :)”
“Jack, your full of _ _ _ _” For those of you that know my Mom know that she would never say shit, I just added it for emphasis. Anyway, I really have no idea what happened with my keys, frustrated with my new train bill, and frustrated that there are no good new games on IoS to keep me entertained while I commute. I really thought that taking the train might be an adventure and it would give me more time to game, respond to emails, and monitor… it does, but now I am getting dizzy.


Exclusive LoL Sivir for free -swag through the roof!

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Today's LoL- skin give away

Alright so this is what’s going on.  As all of you know I attended PAX East a few weeks ago.  I have no idea exactly how long ago it was, but basically I grabbed a shit ton of swag the final day for myself and  What’s swag you ask?  Well if you ask any rapper and I mean any (every single one of them wrote a song about swag)…they wouldn’t know.  If you think I am kidding, here is a quick list of songs with Swag/Swagger/Swang in their title.  Ready?  Here I go?

1.  Swag through the roof – Mike Jones.  2. Swagger Like Us – Jay Z 3. ” Swang ” – Trae f/ Hawk ( Bad azz song ) 4. Swang Remix – UGK, Fat Pat, Slim Thugg

 5.  Swang on em – Bun B 6. Swang on 4’s – Zro 7.  My Swag – Lil Wayne #8 Swang Your Drank – Sam Adams  9. Turn my Swag On – Soulja Boy tell em… (cricket, cricket)

 So in terms of Pax East and the video game convention community swag, from my understanding is – free shit that is handed out at booths.  Great!  So what’s the point Jack?  The point is I have a bunch of free shit that I will be giving away sporadically from twitter, my blog, facebook, and any other social media sites people might follow.  “What about Google Plus?”  “Nope… Can’t be in beta for over 3 years.  Seriously… how can they have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and still be in beta?”  #Bullshit.

Sivir Skin, Sivir, LoL, free give away, Riot, League of Legends

another Sivir picture

sivir, free give away,, GamerPEer, Riot, League of Legends,

final Sivir image

Hope you all enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts… Remember, to be in contention for the free give aways, you have to sign up for  Rules will be posted on the spotlight.  Today (as a heads start), you have to send a message to TheHookie9 and send him a peer request.  It’s that simple.  Tell your friends, follow this blog, and help me give some of this “swag” away.