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GamerPeer Landing Page

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Alright so here is the deal.  My boy Jordan –  a college student studying graphic design got bored and decided to change GamerPeer’s entire layout and design of the site.  What an ass.  After spending hours tracking him down I finally get a hold of the kid and told him to stop doing amazing designs and layouts because they were silly looking.  I didn’t say silly but said a naughty word that ended in hitty.

I was obviously kidding because he is a very talented graphic designer but I somehow used my charm and wit to convince him to create a new landing page mock up for  This is what he came up with.

GamerPeer design, layout, multiplayer gaming, matchmaking, games, gamer, graphic design

Jordan’s new design

If i get enough likes and comments of his design I will update’s splash page to his.  Please leave feedback and comments.  It will be greatly appreciated.




I have a blue ball… sweet

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Exercise ball, yoga ball, gym ball, blue ball, ball, chair, gamer chair

shiny blue ball

So I have had a good amount of work the past few days and noticed something kind of scary recently.  Every time I sit in my normal desk chair, I would experience incedible lower back pain when I tried getting up.  Fuck, I must be getting old.  So I asked a few old people with back pain and they suggested I try getting “blue balls.”  (See above)  That’s right, they suggested I purchase one of the gym balls that are supposed to be used for balance and strengthen your core.  Sweet, I can sit on my ass doing work for hours upon hours and tighten my core.   Hmmm… Does anyone else think this sounds awfully close to other exercise gimmicks?

shake weight, southpark, exercise equipment, gym, work out, sweat,

the shake weight... Hold this with both hands while we vibrate the shit out of it. You will feel the burn in no time.

ab vibrator, ab workout, workout, sitting on your ass, easy workout, lose weight

Sit on your ass while we massage your belly. Feel the pounds vibrate off.

Anyway, I am going to give my blue balls… err blue ball a shot for a few days, maybe even a week.  If anyone is curious to see if it helps the back pain please feel free to email or comment below.  I need to go out work out now.

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It's cool though... I held the vibrating stick for 5 minutes and have my ab belt on. @LosingweightLOL

This is hilarious… a true wtf moment

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Whats going on everyone?  If you are a first time viewer of my blog I think you should know a few things about me and what separates my blog from “the rest.”  The first thing is that a good portion of my posts are based on real life experiences that I think are funny.  Most of the time I look like an idiot in the end, but whatever, it’s entertaining.  The second thing is, “I indossare il mio cuore sul mio manicotto,” if you don’t know what this means look it up.  Again, if its funny and entertaining I have no problem sharing it.  Please know that this is for entertainment purposes only.  I only support about… 99% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  Now that all of that information is shared let me get to my story.

As per request from one of my readers, I will return to my roots for this post and not mention games because they aren’t “nerds.”  I don’t even know what that means but I will try… Anyway, so I was minding my own business doing “nerdy” things on my PC, when I get an email from one of those dating sites.  Oh sweet another girl to chat with that I have no intention of meeting or even talking to.  To my surprise she was good looking so I decided to respond.  Yes, I can be that shallow on those sites because almost everyone is full of shit on it.  So again, to my pleasant surprise this girl was actually pretty cool.  I found out she is a sports fan, musician/artist, almost as smart as me (but not quite) and she seemed motivated.  Wow, what a rare set of good qualities on a dating site.  SWEEEEET!!!!!!  One day I didn’t feel like messaging on the site and asked to chat via text. My thought was – I have my phone 24/7 so lets see if both of us can actually hold a conversation + I can only have so many windows/tabs open on the comp.

We started talking around 9:30 one night and around 1 am I experienced the WTF moment.  For those of you who can actually do math, that was about 4.5 hours of talking… Close enough ;).  As I was saying, around 1 am I receive this text message.

 Yes, I blanked her name out.  No names on my blog.

“How pissed would you be if I was like a guy this whole time.” *SPOILER ALERT* I found out she wasn’t but I was caught off guard.  Seriously who the hell says something like that to someone they never met.  So weird.  I obviously continued talking but didn’t really have a response.  I can’t say “Not again,” because that hits to close to home so I coninued to think.   The only thing I could think of in response was, “What if I was a girl this entire time?”  I pressed the send button and eagerly waited for her response.  The reason I used the word eagerly was because I obviously am a dude and didn’t really care how she responded, it was a win win for me.  Let me explain…

“Jack, I am pretty sure you are a guy, you talk about sports, beer, and sex.  Occasionally you mention your company, but that is on the rarest of occasions.”  #awesome

“Jack, if your name is actually Jaclyn I would actually be more interested in meeting you.” #awesome x10

See what I mean!  I will leave the rest of the story up to your creative minds but feel free to comment if you have similar experiences or want to shoot the shit.


Quick Summary

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Alright I’ve been MIA for a while and don’t really have a reasonable excuse except – St. Patty’s day killed me and I am sick of winter.  Maybe I am being a girl (excuse me ladies), but it hasn’t even been a bad winter.  Total snowfall = 12 inches, average temp = 40??  haha hooray Global Warming!


On a more constructive note, just got a booth at the Pax conference in Boston.  For those of you that do not know what that is, it is the largest video game conference on the East coast.

 How bad ass does that look?

So I will be heading to Boston April 5th and will leave be leaving the 8th.  I am very excited but also a little worried.  I wont go into details of why I will be worried but will leave you a short video clip for your viewing pleasure. (Triumph)


On a side note… if you want updated immediate updates on follow me on @Gamerpeer.  I must warn you because it is the companies name/brand I am a little more filtered then I am on this blog.  Can you imagine not being able to say ass/shit/balls/ or anything like that?  Neither can I. Wish me luck!


Hope all of you enjoy your day.  I will be posting tomorrow about my first time playing soccer/working out in 5 weeks!  I wonder what the spread is for throwing up to goals ratio?  Last time I had a clear 3-3 ratio.  For every goal I vomited once immediately after.  Let me know your thoughts





Eharmony, Facebook, and GamerPeer oh my!

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Ok before anyone sees this title and decides to break my juevos let me explain.  When I first joined the GamerPeer team 7 months ago, they were in the final stages of creating a mathematical algo that matches all of the gamers together and then clusters them. It was a good thing I joined at the end of that stage or else I would now be swimming down shit’s creek without a paddle.  Anyway 7 months ago I was told to check out the dating sites and use them as an example…  At that moment I traveled back in time to middle school.  I literally raised my hand and said, “Excuse me, you want me to spend working hours on dating sites to better understand the concept… You pay overtime?”  They didn’t find it funny but I chuckled on the inside and began my “”research.””

It wasn’t until about 2 hours ago that I realized I hadn’t checked one of my many emails in a while.  I signed in and boom- a list of match results, a bunch of smiles, a few giggles, and a whole lot of pictures.  Isn’t Eharmony so cute?

 *here is a screen shot of my Eharmony results*


It is cute, people actually send smiles on Eharmony. (I think I sent out 40 in the last hour)

Now the reason I find it necessary to write about my eharmony life is because it is hilarious and got me thinking about not only, but Facebook.  You might be thinking how the hell is facebook similar to and Eharmony.  Well, we have the social networking infrastructure, recommend games, friends/peer list, and also allow you to choose an image.  The one thing we are missing is a poke and send a smile feature. hmmm….. Am I missing something here?

(I probably should align and crop this but I am lazy)


How can a 50 Billion dollar company allow you to poke people.  Maybe Eharmony would be worth more if they allowed you to poke instead of send a smile.  Anyway here is a screen shot of GamerPeer’s similar peer list, search results, and some of the features you can do.


Maybe one day I will program a feature on the site that allows you to “kick” people.  Whoever “kicks” the most people in a 24 hour period will win a free game.  I don’t know, could be fun(ny).


Round 2 of our marketing campaign begins tonight so look for results tomorrow.




Cash prize competition? Go on…

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So has been live for almost 3 weeks now.  Our first week we tried a bootstrap marketing campaign and posted on a few gaming forums.  After three days of doing this we had 1,400 users and amazing feedback on the site.  For the past two weeks we have done zero marketing or advertising and only gained an additional 92 users.  What does this all mean?  Well it means that we need to get off our ass and market to be successful.

Now I am sure some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, Jack you really are not only amazing and impressive, but you can seduce, err deduce conclusions like a first grader.”  Ok that doesn’t make any sense but deduce was my word of the day and had to use it in a sentence so lay off…

Anyway, in regards to marketing and, some of you might not give a rat’s butt (got scolded today for saying ass…)  but I would like to have a little competition.  This isn’t going to be a friendly ho hum competition where everyone holds hands and stares at rainbows.  Forget that!  This is an all out competitive marketing/idea competition that will reward the best campaign with 100$ and a shout out on  

NOTE: the competition winner will receive a cash GIFT that is unaffiliated with

Guidelines are as follows… if you have a marketing idea, email me at or reply here.  Your ideas are anonymous and should be fun, creative, and cheap.  We are targeting 18-35 year old men who play video games so if you think you have a good idea, let me know.


Although I am only doing this as a test, I look forward to see everyone’s response.  You are welcome to submit as many suggestions as you like.  I look forward to reading them all.