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LoL wait time? Opportunity or another frustrated Gamer?

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It is 2:40 pm and I want to play League of Legends.   Shit!  I have to wait how long to be able to play?  15 minutes on a Monday afternoon at 2:40 pm?  “Isn’t that a pain in the toosh :x.”  It really makes you wonder what the heck everyone is doing with their lives to fill up a massively scalable server in the afternoon.  What losers…  Oh goodie I am finally in. haha

But on a serious note, the last few weeks I have been having issues logging into LoL because it is so popular now.  Being that I have a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to try and capitalize on this “loading time.”  So what did I do?  I went to and started looking for people who might also be bored, wanting to chat about LoL, and looking for partners once we are able to get in and finally play.  “Jack, you may be onto something…”  I know.

I started creating a deck that could make Riot’s load time more enjoyable and get people excited about finally being able to play… not leaving and playing a new game.  Here are a few slides.

LOL wait time, League of Legends, OMFG, Bored

3 Hour + wait time to play LoL

League of Legend Questions, ELO, rank, favorite character, lane, LoL, summoners,

Game Specific Questions about users on GamerPeer – for LoL

League of Legends search result, gamerPeer, match percent, gamers, gaming, LoL

Find other’s waiting to play LoL

As everyone can tell – GamerPeer has the potential to make that 15 min – 3 hour + wait time more enjoyable.  Please share comments or concerns if you think this is a great idea.  All likes, posts, responses, additional ideas are welcome.


What a beautiful day…

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work, video games, temperature, new york heat, gaming, gamerpeer, League of Legends, find partners

Hot as balls – time to play video games

Time to turn the AC on, get a coke, pull down the shades, and play video games.  Seriously, it is an absolutely brilliant idea.  Think about it, a lot of the servers I play on are all US East, East, North America, etc… and who plays video games at this time of the day?  Kids out of middle school and high school.  That is right – it is the perfect opportunity to pick up your sticks and enjoy a few hours of gaming and kicking the ass of middle school kids.

“Jack, that is probably one of the most messed up things you have said on this blog… so far.”  True, but for the hardcore gamers out there, let me explain.  From about 10 am (need that pre day workout) most gamers are working till about 5 then go to Happy Hour – till about 10.  My mathematics could be off but I am just stating my typical post drink experience.  As I was saying – from about 10am – 10 pm, most of the gamers online are teens who haven’t quite developed their hand eye coordination or motor skills.  They seem to be a few millionths of a second behind – HAHA nbes.  🙂 But knowing that – double up on XP boosts and win games.

For me I seem to only win games during these hours – so what do I do – farm and exploit this flaw so it appears that I am actually good or a high rank.  It is the fastest way to level and keeps you away from the sunlight, genius!  If you are one of those skilled gamers, or want to find people like you to play with during this heat wave, why not check out  That’s what I am doing!  Private information is hidden, but atleast you will be able to find people who play the same games and have same personality/interests.  Wait a second – if my best matches are with nbe teens, does that mean I am a nbe teen as well who hasn’t developed motor skills?  Damn this is like a psychological conundrum that must be explored in more depth… after a few games of LOL and COD.


(Again, this blog is for entertainment purposes only)

Our first Media coverage!

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Whats going on everyone?  I am in a great mood today.  This is not usually the case when my professional hockey team is down 3 rock, but today is different.  I woke up at the usual time and did my daily google search.  Normally my blog shows up like 5 times on the first 2 pages because I am amazing, but today was different.  Holy shit balls… Someone from PAX wrote an article about us that was… actually positive.  I mean it totally makes sense.  It’s not like we are a new company that is standing side by side with huge companies or anything.  😉

Anyway, one of the very popular gaming websites took an interest to our concept and wrote this, and I quote… “But past all the glitz and glamour, past all the fancy signs and models on stage, it wasn’t a product that caught my attention this year at PAX East, it was a concept!” –  With that being said, I encourage all of my blogs viewers to check out the article.  We at GamerPeer can’t thank KonasKorner enough and look forward to working with them to accomplish our common goal, better gaming.


*on a side note* “blog viewers” sounds weird, can I just call you minions? Just kidding… kind of.

PAX Costumes

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So here are a few of the costumes that were very good at the convention.  I think I took over 50 pictures but don’t want to upload all of them.  If you would like to see more then shoot me an email.  The funny thing about these pictures is that I can name every game the characters are from.  Think about it, has over 65 games on the site that matches users who enjoy playing as these characters.  Don’t believe me?  Check us out yourself.  The site is free.

two former gladiators starring in the new game FireFall.

Firefall, gladiator, kid,

The gladiator/firefall costume weighs about 60 pounds (I asked)

Riot, League of Legends, summoner, costumes, PAX East

two League of Legend Summoners. Some of my favorite costumes... the girl had 10 feet of worm behind her.

chick, dude, gamers

two great costumes from Pax

League of LEgends, Lol, costume, PAx East,

This was an amazing costume... another League of Legends character.

gaming chicks

gaming chicks - wish i knew what game they were from.

Ninjas, Pax, League of LEgends, Costume Contest,

I see you Ninjas!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw - new game coming out soon.

Gangplank? Pirate, gamer chick

Gangbank? or Gangplank? (sorry! I really did love the costume)

Huge sword! I forget the game name, but I want that toy... Did that sound bad?

League of Legends, Summoner

The funny thing about this costume, was the guy walked around the same way the character does. I should have taken a video but he was walking very slow and sideways. derrrr - still a good costume

Summoner, Lol, League of Legends, GamerPeer, beer,

It looks like he is drinking a beer or something. He is not, just modified fist pump in front of our booth. -Sweet

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 new game coming out soon. Wish i had more to say about this 1

Chainsaw Lollipop, Booth babe, marketing, Capcom?

New game coming out, Chainsaw Lollipop doing an interview... That my friends is marketing 101.

League of Legends, PAX, chillen, costumes, summoner

Whats going on... "Oh nothing, just sitting here with my boomerang ready to take out some legs if I get stepped on."


Want to have our own little contest?  If you have more comments or new comments that are better then mine, I will be happy to change them and quote you.



Cash Prize LoL league?

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It is almost that time of year again, the snow is gone, the sun is shining, every one is outside, my Vitamin B is at its yearly high, clothes are almost non existent, and the beautiful women are now… preparing for GamerPeer’s first League of Legends tournament.  🙂  Wait, what are you talking about Jack?  Let me explain… Actually I don’t feel like it.  If you are interested in testing your skills in League of Legends for an opportunity to win a cash prize click here.

Everything you need is on that link.  I am however going to add an extra incentive / requirement.  If the winners of the tournament/league are followers of me either on this blog, or twitter, I will throw in a $50 bonus for each member of the team.  I know it is not much, but I want to do it.  This by no way is affiliated with GamerPeer more of an individual investment.

“Why would you do this?”  Easy!

a. because I can

b. because it is entertaining

c. because I am an egotistical bastard

d. because I want more people to read/follow my blog

e. Because *See my blog title*


And people say honesty is a virtue.   Boy are they wrong. haha



Damn LoL Rage Quitters almost got me fired – again.

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So I was playing LoL at the ass crack of dawn this morning, trying to raise my ELO.  I am still pretty new to LoL so had to solo que.  That means that I basically have to get lucky and hope I do not get placed on a team with nbes.  Well I am about 0-3 today.  Ok, let me rephrase… I was kicking ass but I had teammates who didn’t know how to play!  They rushed in, got killed, and gave opponents points – which means his good teammates, IE me, got bent over.

Normally, I do not care because playing LoL is what I do during my 7 am conference calls.  It is so much more entertaining then listening or thinking about work and boring business stuff.  Sorry team, it is not like you ever read my blog anyway.  So back to my point.  I am kicking ass and being totally awesome in my 3rd ELO when a teammate dies for the  5th straight time.  Let’s count 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 …5 times he died!  I am obviously pretty livid.  I need to get my rank up on the North American Server and then to top it off something else happened – he said we all suck and quit.

I flipped out.  “You stupid piece of bleeeeep…”  Then I heard it, the most beautiful sound in the World that almost made me shit my pants, “Jack!”  For you new people to my blog, that is my name, my beautiful, sweet, and innocent name.  It was at that moment that I realized I did not mute my skype conference call.  “Jack, how many times have we discussed this.  You need to stay focused during our business calls!  Maybe we should talk again after this call…”  Son of a bitch, this sucks.

Anyway after my little phone rant it reminded me of a new direct tv commercial with Charlie Sheen… “Don’t reenact scenes of platoon with Charlie Sheen.” If you haven’t seen this commercial then check it out.  Funny as shit.  But this commercial got me thinking.  Not only did it make me laugh, but it reinforced the idea of why was founded.  We were sick of rage quitters, griefers, and getting matched with gamers who were nothing like us.  If you haven’t checked us out yet come join our growing gaming community and find players you want to play with for your kind of game.

To summarize:

When you don’t have peers or friends you solo que

when you solo que you get rage quitters on your team

when you get rage quitters on your team you curse

when you curse you almost lose your job

when you lose your job you don’t have free time to play LoL

Keep your job and play LoL – use

Cash prize competition? Go on…

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So has been live for almost 3 weeks now.  Our first week we tried a bootstrap marketing campaign and posted on a few gaming forums.  After three days of doing this we had 1,400 users and amazing feedback on the site.  For the past two weeks we have done zero marketing or advertising and only gained an additional 92 users.  What does this all mean?  Well it means that we need to get off our ass and market to be successful.

Now I am sure some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, Jack you really are not only amazing and impressive, but you can seduce, err deduce conclusions like a first grader.”  Ok that doesn’t make any sense but deduce was my word of the day and had to use it in a sentence so lay off…

Anyway, in regards to marketing and, some of you might not give a rat’s butt (got scolded today for saying ass…)  but I would like to have a little competition.  This isn’t going to be a friendly ho hum competition where everyone holds hands and stares at rainbows.  Forget that!  This is an all out competitive marketing/idea competition that will reward the best campaign with 100$ and a shout out on  

NOTE: the competition winner will receive a cash GIFT that is unaffiliated with

Guidelines are as follows… if you have a marketing idea, email me at or reply here.  Your ideas are anonymous and should be fun, creative, and cheap.  We are targeting 18-35 year old men who play video games so if you think you have a good idea, let me know.


Although I am only doing this as a test, I look forward to see everyone’s response.  You are welcome to submit as many suggestions as you like.  I look forward to reading them all.