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Sex, Love, and Hockey???

Posted in with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on February 12, 2012 by Jack Of all Trades

With that stupid holiday called Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided it was time to write my first post about girls.  I wasn’t planning on writing one today but went to a hockey game and saw something absolutely hilarious.  It was not only funny, but it made me think about a few things.

photo.JPG (Yeah, that’s right the seats were amazing)

  So I am with a friend at the Rangers game and saw this young couple in front of us.  It was really cute, they looked like they were in love.   They were hugging, kissing, and basically all over each other… Let me start over.  I was at the Ranger’s game and this cute girl was all over the guy she was with.  When I say she was all over him, I mean PDA to the point where I almost got another beer and started watching the free show.  She was hugging and kissing him and at one point even began straddling him, lucky son of a…  After a few seconds I noticed he began to push her off because he couldn’t see the game.  Holy shit this kid is not a douche but a baller.  He literally pushed this girl off of him so he can watch the Rangers spank the Capitals.

 The 2nd period ended and they left for the intermission.  To make a long story short the girl came back with white glitter on her face and the PDA stopped during the 3rd period.  Some of you might be laughing and others are probably thinking I am an egotistical male POS.  Well truth be told there is a point and larger question at hand.

I will refrain from writing my opinion on the matter but will link an article that a friend sent me a while ago.  The article is titled, “Why successful guys should avoid exclusive girlfriends.”  Of course I do not agree with all of the points the author makes (or do I), but it definitely gets you thinking.

Check the article out and email me at if you want to discuss, or rip my head off if you are a female reader.

I am not sure what I will post about tomorrow.  I might post stats about and our first week of being live, or start my rant early on why Saint Valentine was a dick.