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So I don’t recall what happened, how it happened, or why it happened, but at 530 my phone starts ringing.  I figured it was a typical text, email, or someone tweeting… I was wrong, it was a calender alert.  “NJ Tech startup meeting at 645 in the Babbio center at Stevens University.”  I completely forgot that I signed up for that event and to be quite honest, didn’t remember what it was about.  I used careful math calculations and deduced, (haha great word that sounds like seduce) that this conference has something to do with start up companies and technology all in one.  Genius! …CIA if you ever need a code breaker hit me up on twitter.  😉

Anyway, I get up from my computer and drag my ass to the convention.  The last tech thing I attended was the TechCrunch Hackathon.  That together was an experience in itself.  So I arrive at the Babbio center with 0 expectations.  To my pleasant surprise there was a great turnout!  This was my first ever njtech convention/conference and I was impressed.  There were 3 great start-up companies pitching their idea along with the CTO of Audible as the guest speaker.  To make a long story short – it was amazing.  Met a lot of very interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.  It was a pleasure meeting like minded entrepreneurs and I look forward to attending the next convention.  If you have any other questions or want some more information on what else took place, hit me up.  By now you all should know where to find me.




The disadvantages of outsourcing

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So it is now 1:30 am EST and I have been skyping with our overseas development team for the last two hours.  Normally 1:30 isn’t that late, but we are now having 7 AM calls to finalize last minute changes to the website prior to launching our open beta.  It is definitely true that the last minute edits and finalizing design functionality is the hardest part of creating a website.  It is actually kind of crazy that a few years ago when I was still in College, 1:30 in the morning would be an early night to go to bed.  There were nights when we used to play Fifa, Call of Duty, and old school Super Smash 64 until 4 o’clock in the morning… Of course we modified our class schedule to make sure we didn’t have class until atleast 10 am, but that is besides the point.  More to come about and my transition to the tech world.